Anger delayed!

So Friday I left work early.  I was going to hang with my kid, his girlfriend and a few others at a cabin in Wisconsin.  Just a lot of drinking and music, and I made sure to leave them alone for a bit while there and visit some old college friends that live near where we were.  it was a fun weekend all around. So just before I left we had a customer come in and pick up a $900 job.  Nice!  They are a good customer, actually pay on time and are easy to work with.  We like them! So she leaves with her job and a few minutes later I take off for the weekend.

I get in my car and back out of my spot when I see a car on the other side of our lot also back up and start to leave.  I thought the customer had left 4 or 5 minutes ago.  Oh well.  They pull up to the curb and wait for traffic to leave an opening and I pull in behind them.  All of a sudden I see a passenger in the car throw a water bottle out into our grass.  WTF!!!  Ok, do I say anything since they are such a good customer?  I hold my anger for a moment and then realize that that ISN’T her.  She had a company car emblazoned with logos, this was a plain old Malibu. We often have people turn around in our lot for some reason so no idea who this was.  As I sat there I had all sorts of options running thru my head.  I was going to jump out, grab the bottle and then passive-aggressively hand it back to the guy with something catchy like ‘I see that the wind knocked this bottle out of your hand into our grass.  Let me save you the effort of getting out to pick it up so you can be a responsible human and use the garbage.’ Then I thought no, just be angry!  Grab that bottle and throw it back in the car along with a stream of swear words that would make a sailor blush.

Still trying to make up my mind, I jump out of the car and grab the bottle.  Just as I turn around, still not sure what I was going to say, the Malibu peels out of the lot, leaving me holding the bottle.  I immediately yell out “asshole!” as I throw the bottle at the car.  of course it being empty and super light plastic, it only went about 6 feet or so, so I had to walk even more steps to pick it up a second time. Not happy.  Let’s just say its a good thing the ride  up was uneventful and there was plenty of booze once I got there. Who the f*ck does that?  Seriously, what kind of asshole do you have to be to just throw trash out the window like that?  There are garbage cans EVERYWHERE!

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