Toxic ramblings

Toxic masculinity is a phrase you hear often from feminists and many of their leftist supporters. To them, things like opening doors or helping someone with grocery bags is a bad thing.  They can’t fathom that people who may have power or strength advantages over others have no desire to lord over them, because that’s what THEY would do if THEY had the power. Weaklings become vicious monsters when they get a little bit of power over others when that power is granted by the state.  Weakness is an important part of cruelty. It’s why weaklings mock masculinity. They can’t begin to understand what it is and how it is used, so they conflate it with what THEY see themselves doing if they held personal power over others. THAT is the toxic masculinity.

Real masculinity is the opposite of what you see by many in power.  Like I said, helping a woman with groceries, holding open doors, placing a bag in the overhead bin for someone more vertically challenged than you is not sexual dominance, evidence of the systemic patriarchy or any of these new idiotic things of post-modern idiocy.  It’s the quiet recognition of reality and the conscience decision to do one’s part in making that reality as nice as possible. There are many people helpless in the face of reality and they deeply resent those that are not, calling them ‘toxic’. When you have natural disasters and you see men carrying kids thru flood waters and pulling elderly out of collapsed houses, that is masculinity. And it isn’t toxic.  Hell, that’s HUMANITY!

The left would always envisions an Armed America as some sort of Hunger Games free for all in which totally toxic men run around shooting everyone who looks at them funny and disrespects them. because that’s what they would do.  They don’t trust themselves so they want to disarm YOU.  The truth is most armed Americans do not seek out action but would rather avoid it.  The truly toxic left just can’t imagine any of that, can’t fathom that someone with the power they seems to think a gun magically bestows to someone wouldn’t take advantage of that power and control. Deep down inside they want to be the ones controlling others and hate that you don’t.

I will open doors for people when the opportunity presents itself.  If I see someone having issues reaching a product on a top shelf or getting a bag into the overhead bin, I will help. I have taught my boys to that as well as warned them that there are some very insecure people who may take offense at that.  I have told them to not take their criticism personally and that they are the ones with issues.  You have to live with yourself and your decisions.  They have to live with their toxicity, you don’t. This demonization of males for being male has to stop.

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