Who was the bigger asshole?

So yesterday I went to a gun auction.  There were a boatload of shotguns available that I was interested in, as well as some safes. i spent a few hours there and came away with a Winchester 12 ga. shotgun and 1000 rounds of .22 ammo ( for $18 a box of 500!).  But that isn’t the story here.

On the way back from the auction I had to travel a lot of country highway.  2 lane blacktop.  Whatever you want to call it, roads going thru cornfields.  In front of me was this woman driving a Dodge Dart, and doing so kind of erratically.  She was all over the lane, going 10 under, then 10 over, etc.  There was a good amount of traffic coming at us so I couldn’t pass, I would just stay close enough to see what was going on and far enough back to react should something bad happen.

After a few miles, I can see the Dart move over to pass someone.  Apparently there was a motorcycle in front of us doing under the limit, so the Dart decided to pass.  The motorcycle was on the far right side of the lane and I see the Dart move left to pass, not quite get all the way in the other lane but still pretty far from the bike and thenm turn back in front of the motorcycle.  THEN it starts.  I see the bike rider start waving his arm and flipping off the car and can see and hear him immediately accelerate to ride the car’s ass.  The car speeds up, as most people would, and the bike stayed right oh her behind.  I sped up as well, knowing that a stop sign was coming soon and wanted to see what would happen.  Oh, did I mention the cyclist had a kid riding on the back?  He appeared to be perhaps a 12 year old boy.  So anyway, we get to the stop sign and the cyclist pulls up to the right of the car as she stops at the line.  I am turning right here so as I am pulling into the turn lane I can hear the rider yelling all sorts of f-words at the car, and then he slams his fist on the hood of the car, punctuating it with a very loud “FUCK YOU!”

So, as I am sitting there maybe 4 feet away awaiting my turn to go I yell out” Way to compound her being an asshole by being an even bigger asshole, and with a kid on the bike. ”  Well he turns to me with a pretty angry look and then flips ME off, followed by a “mind your own fucking business, asshole!”  This whole time the kid on the back was looking pretty scared. The driver, sensing an opening with him and in traffic, floors it.  He glances at her, then back at me, utilizes his limited vocabulary one more time telling me to fuck off and then guns it after the bike.

So my question is this.  I see memes all the time about ‘keep an eye out for motorcycles’ and stuff like that. Now, I don’t know if the car got too close to the bike when passing.  If she did, she was an inconsiderate asshole.  However the guy, with a kid on the back, was an asshole by tailgating her afterwards, confronting her and beating on his car.  So who was the bigger asshole?  A) the lady in the car, B) the motorcyclist for escalating the situation or c) me for trying to remind the guy he had a kid behind him and was being every bit the ass that she was? While I look out for cyclists, when I see shit like this I just think, screw you all.

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