Student loan fraud

While I was growing up in a small town, my mother started taking jobs at the local schools.  She didn’t need to she just wanted to do something and she thought that would be helping the community and making money at the same time. She started off just as a sub in the library and office and after a few years became one of the 2 full time office people at the local grade school.  Over the years I have heard many stories from my mom about the school that would make you want to beat people.  The small town where we lived was lower-middle class but had good schools with lunch programs, breakfast and all the free shit you hear about.  As a result you had many people who twisted the rules to get their kids in those schools and to avail themselves of the freebees.
We would hear her complain often about the parents who would fill out the forms to get their kids free lunch and breakfast saying they didn’t work and were single, but would list a job phone number down as the contact, a husband as a contact and show up in nice cars.  She would also notice that these same kids getting the free lunches would always seem to have money to buy the junk food afterwards.  “If they have that money, they should be able to pay for their lunches”, we heard all too often. When she would bring this up to the principal, he just shrugged and said that the current laws prevented them from verifying the information so they had to deal with it.  So theft happens daily there and in schools all across the country, in the name of ‘the children!’.  While it may be small on the local level, it all adds up to huge theft.
Well, colleges are not immune to this.  It seems that our shiny generation of idiots who took out house-sized loans for degrees in Wymens Studies don’t want to pay them back and are lying about their ability to do so.  There is a program that allows people  to lower their payments due to family size and income.  There are currently two separate borrowers who claimed to have 93 relatives in their households, along with 3,300 cases in which borrowers said they had no income even though federal data suggest they made $100,000 a year or more. All were approved for lower loan payments. WTF!!!!
Well, hate on here all you want, but Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said her agency will conduct comprehensive review of the repayment plans and will refer cases of fraud to the Justice Department for prosecution. She placed blame on previous administrations, saying the problems are proof that “many of the policy ideas previously pursued were poorly implemented.  No shit!
“If Congress provides the department with this authority, we could significantly reduce the risk of fraud and improper payments, save taxpayers money and reduce the burden on borrowers,” DeVos said. How much you wanna bet they don’t?  The f*ckign Democrats will enable this theft of taxpayer money and then continue their quest to have us ‘forgive’ the loans.  The loans that nobody made them take. I’m tired of the enabling excuse of “that’s just a drop in the bucket..”.  Drops add up. This should be cleaned up, and it shouldn’t be a Republican vs Democrat issue.

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