My political asks from the 2016 election

Right now in our political environment you have the clown car firmly on the Democratic side with 20+ people currently in the primary, all trying to out-liberal each other in the hopes of gaining traction and moving on.  Back in 2016 we had the Republican version of that, with Trump being the victor.  During that contest I wrote up a list of things that I was looking for in my candidate.  Let me know which, if any of these, you agree with or think I got. This one is a long one.

For the multitude of people running for the Republican nomination for President, here is what I would like from you:
1) Don’t raise my taxes. You don’t have to cut them, but FFS make a budget with what you have, cut spending if you don’t have enough.  I have to live within my means, so should our government.
2) Secure our borders. We are a land of opportunity for those that want to come here (legally) and prosper. If our immigration laws are broke, fix them. Rework the temporary visas so the farmers can get some of their relief without encouraging people to break the law. Deport those here illegally, starting with the criminals we keep hearing about over and over. And stick it to the businesses that knowingly hire illegals.
3) Be judicious with your foreign aid. I understand the reasons behind most of it, even if I don’t like it, but there is a limit. Find it and respect it.
4) Related to #1, cut the budget. There are many agencies that do not need to exist, can be absorbed into others or can use a serious pruning. Perhaps a 10% across the board cut in budget, and review each agencies cuts to make sure they actually cut. And for those that cut essential things on purpose instead of the fat, so they can show you up? Fire them immediately. Put ALL agencies on zero budget accounting.  What I mean is every year you have to apply for your budget and justify it.  None of this ‘use it or lose it’ or automatic increases we have now. I still want a 10% budget cut, but if you can show WHY you need a 10% increase THIS YEAR, then let’s do it. But no more automatic increases, fight for your budget every year.
5) Stop with the politics in the military. While I am all for smaller government, you should appoint an independent panel to oversee military projects and contract fulfillment. The new JSF plane? From what I read it is a political Frankenstein that has done nothing but cost money.  However I am sure that the politically connected businesses and the states they are in see that differently. I don’t care how bad a state ‘needs jobs’, if the project sucks, fix it or eliminate it. Yes that will effect many red states.  I don’t care.
6) Slap down every government agency that tries to overreach their authority. I am all for clean water, but the EPA trying to regulate farm ponds is too much.  And fire EVERY partisan hack in the IRS. I don’t care what side they vote for. That agency has to be apolitical.
7) Shut up about rape. Most of you are guys, and no matter what we say, the other side can spin it to fit whatever they want to say.
8) This one is very partisan, but vigorously prosecute the people that used political offices/power to go after ideological ‘enemies’. Lois Lerner, anyone else involved in that, all those people responsible for the endless John Doe investigations in Wisconsin, fuck them up as much as you can within the law. And don’t you dare do anything like they did or I will advocate for it to happen to you as well. Be above board and up front.
9) Stop trying to pretend that middle east countries like us. They don’t. And you are not negotiating with terror groups like ISIS. We seem to know where they are at all the time, you see pictures constantly. Kill them. All of them. Killing a ‘leader’ here or there does nothing.
10) Cyber warfare and espionage is real. Address it, and do it. These terror groups have funding somewhere, go hack it and steal it. Of course, don’t tell anyone, as that would be bad but hypothetically, if all of ISIS’s money ended up in the accounts of the Jewish Defense league, that would be kind of funny, right?
11) When in doubt, have a libertarian streak. Less is more. The Feds are not always the answer.

12) I would love it if something could be done about government unions. There is just something wrong about government workers negotiating with government workers as to how much tax payer money should go to them. There are zero checks there on the purse strings. Not sure what, but something needs to be done. The current system has way too many future liabilities and it unsustainable.

13) If you let Jeb Bush get the nomination, I will never, ever vote for any of you ever again.

14) Vow to make a law, or use your Obama-like Presidential powers if you can’t get enough of the wussy congress to agree (and you can suck on THAT, Dems. If OK for him, OK for the R) and allow active duty military to wear their sidearms while on base or in public in ANY state or city. Fuck you all. You claim that guns should be left to the ‘professionals’ and then disarm the professionals? What kind of evil people are you?

15) Trim the IRS. Whether a fair tax, flat tax or just a simplification of the tax code, it should NOT be as complicated as it is. Fix it.

16) Eliminate stupid studies & grants and fire people who don’t go along with that. We don’t need studies about how long the average person plays Farmville or why lesbians may be obese (a real study paid for with tax dollars).

So what did I get? I got #1 and Trump is TRYING for #2.  The third option is happening slightly, with Trump trying to withdraw and reduce aid to countries that hate us, but for some reason, Dems are against that, too. #4 will never happen, I know, but a man can dream… #5 is probably also a pipe dream, however the President has negotiated or caused some price reduction in the f-22, so there is that. #6 is part of the ‘drain the swamp’ thing and happens to a small degree, but with so many people more concerned about their own job, not likely to have any major success. #7 they have mostly been good about since it is a lose-lose situation and #8 will never happen as long as the swamp exists.

#9 is one of the best he has done.  The Straight of Hormuz used to be of such strategic importance to us that we vowed military action to ensure it stays open.  We don’t need that shit from them anymore so it doesn’t hurt us if Iran wants to be a bitch and disrupt shipping there.  it hurts everyone else.  Screw you, world, time for YOU to defend the Straights. #10 Cyber warfare is something I am sure we are doing but not in the funny way I would like. #11 libertarianism I suppose can be had in the elimination of regulations ordered for each one created, so I will count that as a win. #12 will probably require a huge court fight and as long as Roberts is still being blackmailed wil never happen. #13 was a success so they still get my votes.  Suck on that, Jeb!

For #14, I don’t understand why that is controversial.  We pay people like soldiers and cops to be armed yet try and take the arms away from them.  Some people just piss themselves at the sight of guns as if the gun will jump out of the holster and start shooting all by itself.  #15, well, we can dream, right?  I want simpler and here in Illinois the bastard governor is trying to install  a graduated system which will make it more complex, and expensive.  Lastly I have no idea what can be done about the #16 grants.  Stupid shit gets grant money all the time.  Politicians always say crap like “we’ll it’s only $100,00, that’s nothing compared to our $2T debt” or some such crap like that.  And on the surface they are right, it is a small amount, compared to that.  But you have to start somewhere and those seem like easy wins.

So my scorecard?  I figure I got a win on 1,7, 9, 10, 11 & 13, a draw on #2, 3, and 5 and losses on all the rest.  Not too bad. I added two right after trump won, one was to appoint judges that were actually conservative and the other was to fight the bastards and stop being a cuck every time someone claimed to be offended. For the most part those are wins as well. I just hope that Trump wins one more time and that the Dems actually hit bottom so they can come back up.  I don’t every want a Dem president or anything, but if we ever get one of the current crop in there, I feel we are doomed as a nation.


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