Well the 4th of July has passed and as far as I can tell everyone that I know  still has all their fingers.  There was no posting on the 4th.  I just didn’t feel I could put down my love for this country in words that would convey it without the anger I was feeling at all the usual jackholes that feel the need to run down America on our holiday.  Why can’t they just shut the f*ck up for one day and let us enjoy ourselves?  Rhetorical question, we all know the answers to that one.

So in the spirit of the holiday season we we closed on Thursday.  We were also closed on Friday as it seems most non-retail businesses were.  I come in this morning and have 12 voice mails left on our line.  There were 2 hangups, 2 just asking if we were open (if we were we probably wold have answered your call, numbnuts) and several leaving messages asking if we could contact them on Monday about orders.  Most of those left a name, company name, number and said SOMETHING about why they were calling.  One just said his name and number and then said ‘call me’.  Not PLEASE call me, or CAN you call me, just ‘call me’.  I haven’t done that yet, writing this instead.

One of the calls was from a company that is ordering business cards.  They are notorious with us for OKing proofs and then discovering a change or error after the cards are finished.  We finally had to tell them that in no way will we reprint anything at our cost once they are OKed to print.  We created a form specifically for them to sign electronically that says so. Last week we sent them a proof on Monday for some cards.  On Wednesday they call us asking about the status of the cards.  I politely inform them that they have been emailed the proof and form to sign and it hasn’t been returned yet, so the cards are still not ordered. She insists that she didn’t get the email despite the return auto email I got, so we sent her the file and proof form again. Wednesday comes to a close we have no reply yet.

So this morning 2 minutes before we open, the phone rings.  I can tell from the caller ID it is her, plus she was one of the messages on Friday, so I take a deep breath and answer the phone.  She again asks if the cards are ready.  Now I sent her the proof Wednesday afternoon.  Even if she had OKed it right then, the cards would not be ready at 8:30 Monday morning.  So I tell her just that, along with “besides, we STILL don’t have your email back OKing the cards for print”. We spend 10 minutes on the phone where I email her a third time and make her reply to it while we are on the phone.  I finally get the return email saying good to print and she asks how long they will take.  She wants a UV coating which we don’t do here so I send those out.  Those take 3-4 days so I tell her 3 days, or Thursday.  “So, I can have them Wednesday” she says.  Not a question, but a statement. WTF! She must have taken one of those assertiveness training classes.  “No, remember your coating means I have to use my vendor and it takes 3-4 days.  Most likely date is Thursday”. She then says OK and as she is hanging up says ‘I hope to see you Wednesday’.  Well she can keep hope alive but it ain’t gonna happen.  Welcome to Monday!!!

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