Small logos

A typical job:
A good customer calls last week wanting to do 2 posters for an event they are hosting.  They want 2, 24″ x 36″ posters with “Thanks for your support” at the top, and the logos of several companies that had donated to the event they were doing.  So she send me 8 logos to put on the poster.  of the 8, 2 are Word documents that someone pasted a low resolution jpeg into and saved and 3 saved a step and just sent jpegs that were 5k or LESS in size.  And they expected me to take these logos and enlarge them to 4 or 5 times the original size (one was only about 2″ square so would have had to have been about 10x size) AND have them print clear.
So we notify the customer that over half the logos sent were garbage. Within 10 minutes we get a slew of new jpegs sent to us.  She went and pulled them from their websites (I know because we checked the sites beforehand, just to be sure). not good.  So off we go to do the online searching.  A few of the places were large enough to have some higher resolution stuff online somewhere. So we find 2 that we can use straight up.  A third one we find an old version that is good enough to print but not the current one.  We find one logo on a flyer with a colored background and all sorts of other text around it.  It prints great but will require a little Photoshop to remove all the rest of the crap.  The last one we are SOL and tell her so.
So we swap out 1 and 2 with the good ones we found.  We get the OK to use the old logo for number 3 and go ahead to crop out the logo for number 4. Number 5 she is going to try and find.  I tell her to call the customer and ask them to send her whatever they send to their printer when they get menus or business cards. So 20 minutes later we have logo 4 cropped and ready to go.  The poster is almost ready, just one more logo to go.  She needs this by noon the next day, so she doesn’t have a lot of time.  We can print and cut this in just an hour or two but we still like to have that cushion in case something goes wrong.  All of a sudden I get a barrage of 8 or 9 emails from our customer with subjects like ‘will this work?’, ‘I found this’, and ‘this is all they have!!!’.  None of them work. Just as we are approaching our deadline, she emails one last email with a subject of ‘my last ditch effort!’.  Attached is a PDF of a flyer they did for a sale last year.  On it is a logo that prints beautifully! So we crop it out and get the poster ready to go. JUST as we are about to print, she calls back, apparently customer #4, the first one we had to crop the logo out for, decided to bail.  Have to remove them.  <sigh>  OK, make the change, print the posters and she picks them up.  “looks GREAT!”, She says. But when she looks  at the bill she wonders what the huge design charge is for.  Really.

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