Here’s your sign…

So two days ago customer ordered some yard signs.  There was just text on them and some dollar signs, pretty cheap signs.  So we got her text, created the artwork and then emailed to her for a proof.  Within 2 minutes I get back ‘looks great!’.  OK, what does that mean?  I specifically sent “Please see the attached PDF for the proof of your yard signs.  We need for you to proofread all the text and make sure there are no typos, names are spelled correctly and any numbers are the correct ones.  Once you tell us the file is OK to print it will be put into production.  Please return email either that the file is OK to print or notify us of any changes you need. Once the job is in production, changes will not be able to be made.  Thank you.”  I think that is pretty clear.  Read it and tell me OK to print or not.  “Looks good!” isn’t one of the two choices.

So I email back “I’m glad it looks good but we have to have a yes or no on if it has been proofread and ready to print or not.  Our shop rules forbid me from printing the job without an OK in writing (or email).  Thanks.”  The reply back was “Got it”.  That’s it, just Got It. I replied back “So is that good to print?”  No reply for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I get a call around noon asking if the signs are done.  Now I told her when she ordered them that it would take 2-3 days, not 20 hours. Plus she hasn’t said they were OK to print yet.  I proceed to tell her that she hasn’t sent me an email saying ‘good to print’ yet so I haven’t ordered them.  She tries telling me over the phone that it is OK to print and I have to tell her that I can’t accept that as it is store policy to have it in writing. This isn’t the first time she has ordered from us, she whould know this by now.  Also not sure why we insist since bossman never lets me smash idiots over the head with it, but we still ask for it. Finally she relents and sends an official OK over thru email.  Awesome!  Time to order!

Ooops, not so fast.  As I am getting ready to upload the order I notice a typo.  Yeah, she didn’t proof read it.  She just looked at it and saw the pretty colors and fell in love. <sigh>  So I fix the typo and order the signs. Fast forward to this morning. I have 3 emails asking if we can make a change to the order, because her friend found a typo.  I just ignored the emails for a few minutes as I had fixed that already and had people actually in the store to take care of when she calls. She tells me she found a typo and can we fix it.  Not having a good day already I said “Well, normally no, because once we start the process I can’t stop it.  Your order is ganged up with several others and it is a severe production glitch to stop the runs once YOU OK the items for production. That’s why we adamantly ask you to proof read the things before we go to production.  However you are in luck this time because I spotted it before I sent it and corrected the mistake.  If I didn’t catch it, another run, at regular price, would be your only other option.” After a moment of silence she said thank you and asked if the delivery date was still 2 days or so to which I said yes.

When I hung up bossman thought I was a bit blunt.  Was I?  This lady has been in here before and ordered similar things before, she should know how this works by now.  I repeated it a few times and was very clear in my emails what was required, I even took payment upfront because I can tell she doesn’t look them over good enough. I say I wasn’t harsh enough.  Should have gone all Bill Engvall on her and handed her a sign…

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