That seems to be a preferred word among the ‘socially conscience’ idiots of today. If you called people’gay’ when you were 12 a decade ago and now you want to play football, that’s ‘problematic’.  Chicken sandwich company owners believe in traditional marriage, so having the chain they own on a college campus is ‘problematic’.  Everything is problematic.
Now comes Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg who thinks that our founding fathers are problematic.  Specifically this time it is Thomas Jefferson that is in his cross hairs.  South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, told radio host Hugh Hewitt that that he supports efforts to remove acclaimed President Thomas Jefferson’s name from buildings, honors, and events — specifically targeting the annual Democrat fundraiser, the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.”
Now normally it is the SJW youth that spout off this phrase and try to have things renamed and purged from history books.  Thankfully Pete didn’t quite go that far. but this renaming of things has to stop.  If you want to stop naming new things after him, fine with me.  However I think this obsession of going back in history and using today’s values to judge historical figures is just wrong.  History goes on.  You need to remember history, embrace it and in some cases celebrate it.  No man is perfect.  No woman either ( although my wife might beg to differ). It should be possible to celebrate the accomplishments despite shortcomings.  I like most of Alec Baldwin’s acting but think he is a tool. What is ‘problematic’ to me is that people want to erase history because people acted according to the social norms of the times. Also ‘problematic’ is the people doing the complaining are trying to push their values on the rest of us, whether we agree with them or not. If we are going to rename everything that is problematic, let’s start with renaming the 44 buildings named after Robert Byrd, and ex-KKK member.  if Jefferson’s slavery was wrong, even though it was considered OK at the time, Byrd’s KKK membership is waaaay wrong, as it was never OK.  We can ditch the several buildings named for Teddy Kennedy, the alcoholic murderer.  He is problematic to me. Hell, let’s rename and erase from History Barney Frank.  Let his boyfriend run an escort service out of his apartment and was generally an asshole, but still has stuff named after him. Why should other people get to decide who is problematic?  Let’s all pick someone to erase!  I am sure I am problematic to someone.  And you would be shocked to learn that I don’t care. (No you wouldn’t!)  If you are harmed by a fundraiser named after an ex-President from 200+ years ago, perhaps you should just stay inside…

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