I hate Illinois

Yes, I live in Illinois. Growing up I was right on the border with Indiana.  I spent a lot of time there and had friends there so I was familiar with both states highs and lows.  I worked in Indiana for a while as well so I got to know both tax boards very well.  In the 80’s the difference was mostly just food and gas taxes.  Both cases were cheaper in Indiana.  As a result the border stores and stations were always busy.  About the only thing Illinois had going for it was that you could buy beer on Sundays.  However it wasnt’ all bad and this was an OK place to live.

Fast forward to now and I want to be out of this state sooo bad.  South Carolina is where I will eventually be, as this state continues to keep punishing its citizens for its own fuckups. With all the cities, townships and counties, we have more governmental taxing bodies than any state in the country, including California.  Cook County was the worst, with the far flung communities paying for all the county hospitals and crap that were located in one spot, Chicago, and we would never ever use, even if we wanted to.  The list of taxing bodies on my property tax bill was huge. They find every and any opportunity to squeeze until it hurts, and then squeeze a little bit more.  Our new Democratic governor want to mess with the state constitution and eliminate our flat tax and have the state go to a graduated tax.  They even have the balls to call it the ‘fair tax’. What’s fair is that everyone pays the same rate. Rich and poor alike all have skin in the game. Whatever they come up with, I know that I will be screwed.

So I have told the wife that we need to get out before Illinois tries to tax us for just leaving. She laughs at that, but it is possible.  Even now, they are going back on earlier promises and trying to screw over people who bought electric cars.  They gave them huge tax incentives to buy the expensive cars.  They helped to encourage and build charging stations and such to make it easier to own.  Now what do they do? Realize what everyone told them up front but they chose to ignore: EVs don’t pay (as much) gas tax,  revenues are going down and EVs are getting nearly a free ride. For this particular event, I don’t have a horse in this race.  I do not have an EV so it doesn’t effect me. And I do get a chuckle at all the people who got a sense of superiority over buying an EV now having to pony up some extra cash.  But how much longer until they actually do try and tax us for leaving? Both NY and CA have their Revenue departments going over the returns of people who move with a fine tooth comb looking for things they missed, or perhaps a vacation home they still have in the state.  Come back to NY to see a doctor? Well according to them yo may still be a resident and they will try and tax you. if you move from CA to say Nevada, but you have a pension that you earned while working in CA, they will try and tax you on that, even after you leave. What will Illinois do? I can see them messing with selling your house.  if you sell your house but don’t buy a new one in state with the proceeds you face an ‘out of state’ tax.  And I am sure the  Revenue department will be just as creative.

There are a boatload of government pensions here that need to be paid.  Some asshole got it put into the damn constitution that benefits can’t be cut.  Whoever that was should be beaten to within an inch of their life, but that is a different story.   I need to get out of this state asap…

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