Shame is used often in headlines on today’s social media pages.  Sherrif defends shaming sandal wearing womanFans accuse Marvel of fat-shaming, and so on.  WE NEED MORE SHAMING IN THE WORLD!  OK, you’re fat.  So am I.  Reporting the fact that being skinnier makes you more healthy is not fat-shaming.  It is fact. You should want to not be fat.  I want to not be fat, but have physical issues that often prevent me from exercising like I need to do.  I also have zero willpower when it comes to ice cream. So we hear that there is a fat joke about Thor in Endgame and ‘body positivity’ people go nuts.  they are ‘offended’ at the fat joke.  Too bad.  You have no ‘right’ to not be offended. Columns like this make me want to scream.  The idea that you can be grossly overweight and still be healthy is just wrong.  The excessive weight preys on your heart, your circulatory system and even your joints.  I have had a broken foot now for over a year partially due to the fact that I weigh 270 pounds. You don’t have to hate yourself for being over weight but you don’t have to celebrate it either.  It is not a good thing that you are over weight.

The same can be said for just about all the other shamings out there.  Slut shaming?  Yeah, probably not a good thing you sleep with every person that drops their pants.  That goes for both sexes.  And yes, I said both, not 20. Victim shaming?  Why is it shaming to ask someone why they didn’t lock their car door?  Or why they thought it was a good idea to walk on the south side at 2am in a fur coat flashing diamonds on every finger? Yes, you SHOULD be able to not have someone break into your car and stuff.  But people DO.  YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT and act appropriately. it is a bad thing that you got robber, beat up or worse.  But what steps did you do to prevent it?

Hell, even ‘poor shaming‘ is in the news.  There was nothing wrong with what Chase tweeted out.  Millennials and poor people often make poor financial decisions.  There are studies that show that.  people without a savings account will buy $5 coffee from Starbucks instead of making it at home, or $2 coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  They eat out more that they don’t.  If you are bitching about never having money yet eat out 4 days a week, drink Starbucks every morning and rush to see every movie as it comes out, perhaps you shouldn’t spend so much.  If your cell phone bill is $200 and it is not a family plan, maybe you should rethink that.  You can buy a car for $200 a month.

I think the bulk of this comes from the fact that somewhere along the way people seem to have come up with the idea that they have a ‘right’ to not be embarrassed or made fun of. A right to not be offended.  You don’t.  I will point and call you a dumbass if you complain about being broke after buying over-priced coffee. Deal with it. You have no right to not be offended.  Suck it up, buttercup!

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