State of mental health part 3

Bits and pieces here as sort of an update:

We were told all last week that BIL would be discharged on Friday and to check in later that week.  We called Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and got nobody. left multiple messages, none returned. On Friday wife called and got the same, nobody. So I called.  I tell the phone lady what I need and she transfers me to the nurses station.  After several rings it bounces me back to her.  She tries again.  And again.  Fourth time she suggests that I should leave a message.  Then I very sternly ( I restrained my anger, but she could tell I was not happy) said that we have already left several messages and that I needed to talk with someone NOW. Lo and behold, a nurse answers this time!  Imagine that!  So I tell the nurse what I need and she said ‘please hold’. then hangs up on me! I immediately call back and then we begin the carousel again as I just keep getting bounced around.  Anger is rising, as you might guess.  I finally raise my voice and say that I don’t care WHO answers the phone but I need a person to answer NOW.  So I get transferred to a different number where the phone rings for 5 minutes and then hangs up on me.

OK, next step is I go on their Facebook page and complain loudly. Someone ‘sees’ it almost right away, but no reply.  As I pick up the phone about 15 minutes later to start a scorched earth campaign, my wife calls to say that a nurse finally called HER back and he was being released later that day.  She was a lot nicer that I would have been.  THEN someone from Facebook finally responds in a generic ‘sorry, let me know and we’ll get someone in contact with you’ type of message.  I just responded back pretty bluntly that thanks to my badgering someone finally did call back but their communications systems suck ass. However I used many more words, a few of them quite spicy.  But shortly afterwards we left and BIL is now home.  Well, at my home at least, instead of that jail like facility.

The weekend consisted of a zombie-like BIL going thru the motions at my house.  He has no appetite, and is just generally not interested in much. We sat on the couch and watched TV, petted his dog and otherwise didn’t do much.  We have a psychologist appointment for him later today and a therapist appointment for him on Wednesday.  Hopefully the next phase of recovery can begin.

As an aside, we got the bill for his stay at the first place.  About 2.5 weeks, $24,000!!!!  For what amounted to a shitty bed and breakfast with drugs, 3 doc visits and one therapist session.  What a ripoff.  If someone can come up with a humane way to treat depression patients without treating them like super-max prisoners and giving them actual daily therapist and/or doctor visits, they could make a mint. The current system doesn’t work.

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