Still f*cked up

So when we last talked to a social worker regarding my BIL, we were told that his meds should be stable enough to have him discharged Friday or Monday, as long as we arrange for private treatment with both a therapist and psychologist.  We have those waiting, but as of noon today he still isn’t released.  On Saturday BIL got pissed and asked for a voluntary discharge form.  The nurse on staff kept trying to talk him out of it, then finally gave it to him.  When he returned it they told him there was a 5 day processing.  Oh, and the 5 days doesn’t start until Monday since there are no doctors on staff for the weekend. WFT?  No doctors on weekends?  What kind of place is this?

So now I am calling this place out.  Silver Oaks in Mokena has to be the shittiest place yet.  Oh, the facilities are nice, because they are new. However the staff doesn’t seem to give a shit about anyone, returning calls is like pulling teeth and in total BIL has seen the therapist twice, once during our call and once more for 5 minutes.  He has seen a doctor twice, never for more than 5 minutes.  FFS there are only 9 people in the entire place right now, what the hell are the doctors doing?  He needs treatment.  He needs individual attention by a medical professional.  Group therapy with an intern asking questions like he is a 5 year old isn’t going to cut it.  Treating him like a criminal isn’t going to cut it.  Depriving him of any stimulus is just driving him crazier. I think when we get the bill I am going to contest it just for the hell of it.

We have call in as I write to get the lowdown from the therapist and the disposition of the release order.  If they try and deny it, I have a few lawyer customers that I can call.  I WILL fuck them up one way or another if they keep screwing with him. No wonder we have a mental health crisis.  The system is screwed.

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