Same shit, different day…

3 times already today, I have had people call and ask about business cards.  “How much are they?”, they always ask.  “Well, what the hell do you want? I can’t read your mind.”  I ask.  Well OK, not like that, but in my head that’s how I say it. After I ask them about quantity, paper, and artwork, I almost always get something like “Well that are all black.  Except for a red logo. And I need you to create it.  How much?”  Well first off it isn’t all black if there is a red logo you moron.  Second, I still don’t know WHAT you want me to create, so I can’t give you a price. “Most business cards can be created for $20 or less if you have the logo already.  if you need for us to create the logo, that will be an additional charge which I can quote you ONCE I SEE WHAT YOU WANT US TO CREATE.” They always try and describe it over the phone, and always fail.

Why is it so hard to just stop in?  Or email me what you want? I would be happy to quote you, if I knew what you want.  I can’t read minds.  If I did, my wife would always be happy and I wouldn’t be here…

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