Picking and choosing which laws to enforce

By now I am sure you have all heard of ‘sanctuary cities’, where mayors or trustees have decided that they are going to ignore current laws because they don’t like them.  Why some governors are not arresting those people is beyond me.  You are sworn to uphold and enforce the laws, not just the ones you like.  However you have cities all around the country, all of them liberal of course, who are blatantly breaking the law by not enforcing the law.  Fine.
Now in response to this you have cities in some OTHER jurisdictions that lean more conservative in unfriendly gun states who have decided that if liberals can get away with it for immigration, they are going to do it for gun.  So across the country there are some towns, cities and even whole counties that have decided they are not going to enforce anti-gun laws.  Well, if the law was being followed evenly, they should be arrested as well as their liberal counterparts.  But guess which ones are the only ones to be getting any heat?  Not hard to guess, eh?

NEW MEXICO’S ATTORNEY general has warned sheriffs and police chiefs across the state that they must enforce new gun laws or risk legal liability.

New legislation, which will take effect this summer, requires background checks for all gun sales, even those between two individuals. Law enforcement leaders throughout the state opposed the measure as it was being debated in the legislature, and some said they would not enforce the law, according to The Albuquerque Journal.

Attorney General Hector Balderas’ warning comes after at least 26 New Mexico counties passed “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolutions in opposition to guns laws decided by state lawmakers this year, including the measure requiring background checks


 I know politicians all suck.  However I am still amazed at how they can hold two completely contradictory positions ( i.e. disobeying on immigration OK, guns not OK ) with a straight face.  I for one am tired of being nice and playing by the old rules.  If the new rules are you can ignore laws you don’t like, then the New Mexico AG can go fuck himself.  “As law enforcement officials, we do not have the freedom to pick and choose which state laws we enforce,” Balderas said, according to The Albuquerque Journal.  Well Mr Balderas, when you threaten Santa Fe and Albuquerque with the same venom  for being sanctuary cities, picking and choosing which laws to enforce, then you might have some standing.  Until then, like I said earlier, go fuck yourself.

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