I hate Google

I hate Google.  I think they are evil.  I think they need to be broken up like the monopoly that they are.  I think they need to be investigated for all the invasions of privacy they do despite their claims otherwise.  The employees are a bunch of twits that think they should be the arbiters of right and wrong and God forbid you have an opinion they don’t agree with, you will send them off to their safe spaces.
Now comes word that the EU is fining Google $1.7 billion for something.  It really doesn’t matter because they keep trying to fine Google for anything in a desperate attempt to get money from them, since they are broke and think that everyone else’s money belongs to them. So now I am in a moral conundrum.  I hate Google and love to see them squirm.  On the other hand I hate the EU and their constant attempt to fine and otherwise extract money from AMERICAN companies that they don’t deserve.  Can both lose?

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