Failing Upwards

Seriously, what does it take to be a liberal and be fired?  Or go backwards in your career?  it seems like liberals always fail upwards.  Here is an example.
Back in the early 80’s, I had entertained the thought of a journalism degree.  I worked on our school newspaper, which was NOT political in any way shape or form back then, and liked it a lot.  The teacher we had was pretty good and emphasized finding out the truth and keeping ourselves out of the story. We’re there to write it, not BE it. Once I hit college in the late 80’s my idea for a career changed.  Hell it changed 4 times over my four years so that isn’t a big deal.  However even then I could sense things changing, like it was no longer just ‘who, what, where, when and why’, but the emphasis was on the ‘why’.  I just didn’t like that so I never explored that avenue any further.
Take the state of Journalism today.  it really sucks.  Republicans scream ‘fake news’ and liberals try to defend it as anything but.  I have heard the defense of ‘they were just being lazy’ to ‘they are just not good at their job’ for getting stories so wrong, or making shit up even.  Well if that’s the case, why are they still employed?  My case today is about Talia Levin.
Now Talia used to work at the New Yorker.  She was SUPPOSED to be a fact-checker. Well it seems back in May of 2018 she kinda forgot to ‘check’ anything except her blind partisanship.  ICE tweeted a photo of a disabled worker of theirs along with a story about how they are hiring veterans.  The photo shows various tattoos on the mans arms, with one on his elbow which caught the attention of Talia.  It seems that for her, the tattoo was a picture of an Iron Cross, an ‘obvious racist tattoo’ and she went on to try and incite a twitter mob against ICE and him.  How DARE ICE hire obvious racists! Fortunately she was slammed back to earth pretty fast, as the truth about the tattoo came out.  It was a firefighter shield, not a ‘racist cross’.  She got slammed by a lot of people, including ICE, and no amount of damage control was going to save her.  She tried to apologize, saying it was just a simple mistake, blah blah blah, but eventually lost her job.  The role of a fact checker is to, you know, actually check facts before spouting her diarrhea of the mouth and trying to get someone fired.
Now you are probably saying “Wait, she got fired, she failed down!”.  Well, you are right.  And you are wrong.  Because it doesn’t take long for liberals like this to recover and ‘fail upwards’.  First, she was quietly hired by Media Matters almost right away, who put her in the backroom for a while, until the hoopla quieted down.  Yeah, there is a pretty independent, non-partisan outfit.   Now it seems she was just hired to teach a class at NYU’s Journalism School called “Reporting on the Far Right”.  See? She failed upwards. There was no penalty for being such a partisan fuckup, except for a 2 week paid vacation (oh yeah, she got a severance package, so she never even lost any pay, just got a 2 week vacation!) And seriously, what kind of actual JOURNALISM has a class that is so loaded?  Would they dare teach a class about reporting on the Far Left? I think you know the answer to that. Is she going to teach them how to identify Nazis on the Far Right?  because she certainly seems pretty bad at that.  This is what’s wrong with Journalism, and leftism, all rolled into one. This woman didn’t make a simple mistake, she took her own biases and tried to get her 15 minutes of fame on twitter by being ‘offended’, without bothering to check any facts whatsoever.  This woman would never be able to write a story without putting her own conscience biases into it and should be nowhere near any journalism school, or newspaper.  Unless she is doing a gossip column. 

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