Small projects

We often get a lot of smaller ‘projects’ at our store.  We give good customer service and our reputation gets around that we help people, so we get all sorts of shit jobs.  A lot of these shit jobs are people trying to make up a new product and wanting to get labels for it.  One such example just came in wanting to get labels for a line of hot sauces she is trying to market.
Now as far as her product line goes, she seems pretty on the ball.  She has her jars already lined up and even went and hired a designer to create her labels so they all have a similar look.  The artwork actually looked good, and there were even bleeds!  OMG!!! We NEVER get artwork that has bleeds!  Now comes the hard part, and I will see if I can explain this right.
She has two problems with this job.  The first is the labels vs the bottles.  The labels are designed to be rectangles.  The bottles are round, but they slope upwards.  Now in order to correctly place a label on a round bottle or jar that slopes, the label needs to be curved to the angle of the slope.  Just try and take a small rectangle piece of paper and wrap it around the sloped part of a sloped jar.  You will find that it does not lay right and is impossible to get flat, or straight.  In order to do that you need special label stock.  Now they do make curved labels that are on rolls and print on special label printers, which of course we do not have. So no labels for you!
Her second problem is that she wants the labels to be weatherproof/durable so that they can withstand water.  i get it, people’s hands may be wet or the bottle may need to be wiped down and you don’t want it coming off.  Well, we can’t do that on our digital printer.  To do that it needs to be offset and/or laminated on the face, neither of which we can do. Oh, and there is a third problem which compounds the first two:  She only needs 50 labels.  Doh!
I can get her curved labels.  There is even a program out there that can take the artwork and make it fit the curved label stock.  But the minimums requires for that, or for the laminations, would be in the 1000’s.  She needs 50. She doesn’t have the budget for her vision, and we don’t have any solutions for her that will work.  If she changed bottles we can get her labels that fit, but not durable.  We can even do just 50 without breaking the bank.  Cadillac dreams on a Kia budget.  No labels for you!

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