Nashville Day 2

Day 2 in Nashville had us going a little slow.  3 nights of very heavy drinking, eating and partying has taken its toll on our old bodies. We slept in until around 10 and then decided to check out the local area for a bit.  We wandered down the block perhaps a mile, looking for a place to get some lunch.  We found a pizza place where we ended up ordering an xtra large pizza, a calzone, garlic bread and pop and then we sat down and ate, while watching Under Siege on the TV.  We stayed there for 2 hours enjoying the movie, making jokes like we were the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys and just talking.  When the movie was over we headed back to the room but stopped at a local bar on the way.  There were only maybe a dozen people there but they were all friendly enough and the bartender was pretty talkative.  We got some suggestions for dinner and local history lessons along with our craft beer.
For dinner we met up with some relatives of one of our group.  We met at some fancy Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. Not sure that the area we were in understood what ‘fancy Italian restaurant’ meant, as it wasn’t fancy, and the food was barely Italian. It was good enough, but the price was too much and the portions way too small.  I guess they got THAT part of ‘fancy’ correct.  Dinner conversation was nice as we got many local stories from his relatives and probably the thickest southern accent we heard to date.  Then it was off for our final night of drinking!
We started at a place called The Crazy Horse Saloon.  One of our group went here after he eloped to Nashville many years ago.  He had wanted to see if it was still around, which it was, so we stopped in.  This was a HUGE place. The stage looked more like a concert hall than a bar and there were 2 balconies surrounding it with additional seating.  We went upstairs and ordered drinks while we enjoyed the band.  The guy playing supposedly had a record out.  His name was Matt Poling.  it was OK, his voice was a little twangy for me to listen for any length of time,  but they played well, and that’s all that I require.  With memories revisited, we left and decided to just work our way up Broadway and when we got to the end, we would call it a night.
The trip up Broadway had us stopping at several bars, each with its own band.   We would stay for a beer and then move on. Most of the bars were not that unique on this day of our trip.  One we stopped at was the FGL Bar (Florida-Georgia Line).  Our bartender from the local place suggested that it was one of the better ones.  It certainly looked pretty nice.  We started off on the ground floor having a beer.  Moments lake, I find myself getting drenched in beer It seems my friend’s beer just started sliding off the bar once he put it down, and in his haste to grab it, spilled it and coated me in beer. A bartender came by and my friend asked “does beer ALWAYS just slide off your bar?”.  Her reply was “yeah, using driftwood for a bar looks cool, but even with the laminate it isn’t level.”  Thanks for the warning, asshole.  Halfway thru our beer we go upstairs.  There is a sort of forgotten second level here that sort of overlooks the main floor and has some seats but being Sunday, nobody there.  So to the top we go!  As I just said, it was Sunday night, probably around 11 or so now, and we get there just as the band is finishing.  We hear maybe 2 minutes of band, and then it jumps right into a DJ playing all the stuff you hear in clubs back home.  I know most of the stuff they are playing (I try to listen to just about everything, a little bit), but one of my friends is mystified.  They started playing ‘Wobble baby’.  He just looks at us like ‘what the hell is this?’  Me and the other friend look at each other then start singing to the song. He just looks at us like we are crazy.  His kids are still your enough that this should be right in their wheelhouse.  Oh well. We left.
Our last stop had us stopping by Margaritaville.  it was at the end of the strip and seemed as good a place as any to end the night.  We go in and no band, just 2 people playing in the tiny bar area.  The place could hold maybe 40 people tops.  However the voice on this chick was powerful.  They were, of course, taking requests for tips.  We were talking among ourselves wondering how far her voice could go, coming up with songs that we bet she could sing. One friend goes up and requests Dolly Parton, so she sang Jolene.  I would say that she rocked it.  While applauding I leaned into my friend and said that I bet the could handle a heart song with ease.  Sine he has no filter my friend yells out “How about playing Heart!”.  So she did with ease.  I had to tip her.  her name was Fayda something.  if she ever gets a deal, I think I will remember that first name at least.
That was Nashville in a 2 post nutshell.  Very clean, lots of musical options as well as food, a peeing Uber driver and watch your wallet as the money goes fast. Wife and I are planning on going back around the end of August.  I have an old college roommate that lives nearby that we will visit and I know that she likes Country music.  The smaller bars will give you more of a live music experience than the name bars.  The name bars tended to be just like any city bar scene, just with Country music.  Back to being pissed off later in the week.

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