Nashville, Day 1

Nashville.  Music City.   So we arrive in Nashville late afternoon.  Just like in Memphis we went and rented an apartment for the stay.  This time it was about a 10 minute drive from the main street downtown, located just off the campus at Vanderbilt. The apartment was in a ‘luxury’ building and was very nice.  However once we get there and we couldn’t get into the damn room! It had a keypad lock and we were following the directions, but there was no ‘bottom left button’ to push, and after entering the supposed code number the door lock would flash red at us. We double check the room number and are pretty sure we have the right room.  Numbering was odd.  Our room was supposed to be 210, the numbering went 206, 207, s2-08, 209 s2-10, 211.  We have no clue what the hell the s and dash was for but went with it.  Multiple calls, texts and resets and it won’t open.  They finally say they are sending someone.  While waiting one of our group starts wandering when we here down the hall “hey, there is another 210 down here’.  Sure enough, we go over there and there is a 210, with no dash or s.  WTF kind of numbering system is this anyway?  Code works, we get in and relax.
We decide to jump in right away so we call an Uber to take us downtown.  We figured there had to be food there and then we can hang for the rest of the night.  Now for some reason I have never been in an Uber before.  The car shows up and an elderly black guy picks us up.  Me and one bud get in the back, other guy sits in front. As we are driving the guy in front is chatting with the driver.  As we cross a bridge we can see downtown just a few blocks ahead when the driver unbuckles his seat belt.  He then says “I have to pee”.  Me and my bud in the back just look at each other, wondering if he is going to just pee right there in his car.  Our friend up front says ‘there’s a McDonald’s right there, we don’t mind waiting”.  All of a sudden the driver pulls to the side of the road, opens his door AS he is unzipping and proceeds to pee right next to his car, giving my friend on the driver’s side a full view of his wang as he pees.  Friend looks at me like ‘WTF!’ and all I can do is just shrug my shoulders. He gets back in, apologizes, then takes us the last few blocks to our destination.  What a great start!
We start at Kid Rock’s place. Great bar, we come back to it later, but zero tables for food so we leave.  End up at Jason Aldean’s place where we manage to snag bar seats and get food. There is a band, beer is plentiful (although twice the price of Memphis!), and the food was really good. I had some wings that were ALMOST as good as the Memphis ones. We then end up on the rooftop bar with yet another band and have many more drinks. There we meet some iron workers from Alabama in town on a contract and share a few beers and  met a girl from Germany that was very shy. Bar crowd  here is very different than in Memphis.  Memphis crowd was into the music.  Here seemed more like bars back home, but with live music. Too many frat-bro types. And let me tell you, the bridal parties were almost without fail a bunch of bitchy women.  Every one had maybe 2 people drunk off their asses, 2 people stone cold sober and the rest in between.  And may God help you if you dare talk to one of them, they circle like a pack of animals to protect the herd.
Next stop back to Kid Rock’s place.  4 floors of musical goodness, but sadly most of the same type of crowds.  We went to rooftop to start and met many of the same type of people.  Also met a guy there with his wedding party.  groom was pretty cool, enjoying the music and beer but not crazy.  His friends were the same mix, 2 drunk off their ass and 2 pretty sober.  The band was good, playing a mix of rock, southern rock and country.  We then went down a floor where the band was playing more country music. This bar floor was less crowded but you were able to move around.  We ran into a bunch of people dressed as musicians for a work party. The first one I saw was dressed like Slash and was pretty good.  Almost had me fooled.  But when a not-as-good Ozzie Osbourne came up to him I knew they were fake.  We chatted a while and took a picture together, met other people, drank and finally left after we could drink no more.  The Uber home was uneventful compared to the ride there.
First impressions of Nashville:  very clean, most people friendly, except for bridal parties, tons of music and a little bit expensive.  I’ll give you day 2 on Monday. Lunch is over and I have a ton of work to do. Thanks for reading.

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