Well I survived both my trip to Memphis/Nashville and my foot surgery yesterday.  There are probably a few stories I can tell about the trip, I’ll work on those over the next few days.  The pain drugs I am on now are pretty good so I am not typing very well.  The backspace button has been my friend the last 10 minutes or so.  Not much to say about the surgery except that I hope it works and it already sucks trying to get around with this thing.  I am not a light guy and crutches hurt. I am sure there will be many pitfalls as I return to work tomorrow so you may get a chuckle or three at my expense.  Thanks for stopping by and look for new posts on Monday. Will take me that long for the meds to wear off, get used to just moving about and them figuring out just what I can tell you about the trip.  Be well!

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