Posting update

By the time you read this, if you read this on the day I posted it, I should be about halfway to Memphis Tennessee.  This weekend is a guys trip to get some BBQ and some live music to a place we haven’t been.  It started off with myself and my best friend from high school.  He now lives out on the east coast and has partially drank the koolaid out there and become a liberal.  But I still love him anyway.  He and I used to take March trips out to Las Vegas, frequently adding other friends to the mix, but us two being the constant focus.

A year ago my friend had a nasty brush with mortality.  He and his lovely wife were at the movies when he died.  Literally.  He was dead for 6 minutes but some quick action by a few random moviegoers helped to keep him ‘alive’ until paramedics got there.  The actions of the several people involved were nothing less than heroic with what they did to help someone they don’t know.  Needless to say my friend survived ( this is not a Weekend at Bernie’s trip!).  I even got to meet all the people involved as myself and a few other friends (one of whom comments on here from time to time) went out to visit him a few months later and his wife threw a party for him, where she tracked down all the people involved and invited them over so my buddy could meet them himself.  Needless to say it was a very touching day.

My buddy has survived that movie night, but has since had his health deteriorate due to heart issues and diabetes.  So we have decided that we are going to keep doing our guy trips, but instead select different places to go that may or may not be ‘trendy’ like vegas.   One such trip involved a college football game and night on the town.  This years trip is a combination Memphis and Nashville.  My commentor friend is coming as well since he has known my friend for as long as I have. In fact, I think the trip may have even been his idea.  Or mine.  Doesn’t matter, we are all friends, the Wolfpack rides!

If all goes well, we will have today and Friday in Memphis, enjoying some damn good BBQ and some equally as good live Blues music. On Saturday we are heading up to Nashville where we hope to do 2 more days of the same, except swap Country music for the Blues. That Monday my bud will fly back to the east coast and we will head back to Illinois. Maybe I will have a good story or three to tell afterwards.  Or maybe they will be too good to share…

This will be the last post for a few days then, as that Tuesday I get back  I am getting a screw put in my foot.  It has been bugging me for too long and the docs decided that this is kinda a last resort.  If you come and read me, don’t abandon me!  I’ll be back in about a week after I recover.  Thanks to the 20 of you who check me out from time to time and the occasional  lurker.

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