Does it come with envelopes?

So last week a guy comes into the store to order some magnets.  He didn’t want business card size ones so he ended up getting them in a postcard size of 4″ x 6″.  Artwork was already created and they actually did it correct, giving me enough room for bleeds and a high enough resolution to print well.  So, magnets ordered!
Today he walks in to pick them up.  I open the box and show him the magnets.  he looks them over for a moment or two and pronounced them good!  Which was good for him because it was HIS art and they looked perfect.  So as I am putting the samples back into the box he says to me “Do they come with envelopes?”  What?  Why would a magnet come with a f*cking envelope? NO they don’t come with envelopes!  So after a few moments of silently cussing his ass out in my head, I tell him no, the don’t come with envelopes.  I can sell him envelopes, but they don’t really make stuff sized perfectly for a 4″ x 6″.  There is a size called A-6 which would be close, but I don’t carry those, it would be a day to get them and cost him $.12 each.  You would have thought I told him his nose was large and wife was ugly with the look on his face. he just huffed and picked up his magnets and left.  Seriously, who f*cking thinks magnets come with envelopes?  When have they EVER come with envelopes, unless you specifically asked for them?

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