Adventure to come…

So it seems that my body is fragile.  Back in my youth I used to be one of those guys that gave 100% at whatever I did, played my sports with reckless abandon and just went all out all the time.  Over the course of my youth I broke many bones. By the time I graduated college I had a broken leg, broken foot, broken nose and broke every finger I have at least once, one of them twice. My 20’s saw another broken foot, knee surgery #2, a  sprained ankle and some rotator cuff damage.  30’s brought knee surgery #3 a sprained wrist and one broken finger.  40’s saw broken foot #3, knee surgery #4 and a broken finger.

Now in my 50’s, I am hesitant to do ANYTHING!  it seems that I wake up with a new pain every day from SOMETHING!  2 years ago I got attacked by an elevator! I was waking into the elevator while at a charity poker event and the door started to close.  it slammed into me pretty hard, causing my arm to go numb for 10 minutes or so and I couldn’t lift it for days.  Months of therapy later it works, but I still hear some clicks now and then.  I also broke my right foot for the third damn time, which will be the reason for my adventures. About 3 months ago I came to bed one night after the wife had already went to bed. I didn’t turn on the light (didn’t want to incur that wrath!) so made my way in the dark around the bed to my side, when I stepped on a pile of towels she had left on the floor.  My foot slipped off them, rolling my ankle and sending my considerable weight smashing into her dresser, and then to the floor.  Instant pain in my right arm from the dresser but more importantly my right foot HURTS!  Feels just like it did when I broke it the year before, in almost the same spot.  Just great. So after about a minute of me laying on the floor saying “Mother FUCKER!, DAMN!  THIS FUCKING HURTS!  SHIT!”, my wife pipes up “Are you ok?”.  Not known for my restraint, I actually paused a moment before answering and just said “NO”. In my head I said a lot more. I spent the next 2 hours up with ice trying to get the pain to stop and end up finally able to fall asleep for a bit.  Next day, off to urgent care.

Once there we do X-rays and they tell me I don’t have a break.  Great!  Except that I still can’t walk and it still hurts.  They give me prescription strength Alieve and tell me to come back in a week. One time I could have really used some actual GOOD pain pills, I don’t get any. Oh well.  2 weeks later still hurts, more X-rays, still shows no break.  I can walk, but it hurts.  So I start therapy ( still had the sheets from break #3 so know what to do ).  January comes and I have had enough.  I go back to the doc and tell him something has to be wrong.  An MRI is ordered so I finally got that.  Last week I got the results.  Apparently the break I had a little over a year before had never properly healed.  It was in a bad place and called a Jones Fracture, with apparently has a history of not healing correctly.  My fall just stressed it out enough to cause me pain.  However the way it was fractured was more like jagged edges instead of smoother breaks, so it didn’t show on traditional X-rays.  The only solution we have now is surgery.  In 2 weeks I get a screw in my foot.  Then the adventure begins.  2 weeks in a cast, no weight bearing on that leg AT ALL.  That means no driving, walking, etc. Then I get cast taken off to remove stitches, then put back on for 4-5 MORE weeks. Then I get reevaluated and will either get a cast again or be able to wear a boot.  I have 2 of those still at my house.

Son #2 will have the honor of driving me to work most morning, and wife gets to pick me up.  trying to arrange coverage for my bowling team as I am done for the year, just when I started getting hot.  Had a 595 and a 572 series last 2 weeks. Work will also be interesting.  While I DO sit a lot, I am often getting up to load machines, unload machines, wait on customers and so on.  The Pissed Off Printer might be getting REALLY pissed off in the weeks to come as frustration mounts. Could be good for some posts, as I have been getting soft here lately…


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