1911 Milspec review

Review Time!
OK, so I went ahead and purchased the Springfield Armory 1911 Milspec in 45 caliber handgun a while back.  I have since been to the range with it 3 times and overall I am liking the gun. Some things to note:
  • I am not very good at cleaning the guns.  At least not in the complete sense where you take them apart, clean and then reassemble.  I am pretty much too scared to do that for fear that I will never be able to get it back together!  I do that with my shotguns, but there are fewer parts that come off on those and easier to put back together.  So I DID clean the gun before I went shooting and afterwards (range ammo tends to be dirty).
  • Shooting right out of the box I noticed that the magazines were a bit hard to get into position.  They didn’t click as easy as they do in my other guns.  I think this may have led to a misfire on my second clip. I tried to eject the magazine to clear the chamber but it wouldn’t come out without some effort.  I think I may not have seated it properly leading to the misfire. I am told that these will seat easier as I break the gun in.  We’ll see.
  • Once cleared, I fired the remaining 198 rounds with no problems.
  • The factory sights appear to be pretty good.  I have a hard time telling for sure because my contacts are weird.  I can either see the end of the sights clearly or the target clearly, not both. Sucks having crappy eye sight.
  • Despite vision difficulties, when I set new targets for the second 100 rounds, my grouping was pretty good. The particular target I had consisted of a large target circle in the middle and 4 smaller ones in each corner. When shooting for the middle target I had all within the circle but tended to be just a little bit to the right.  I attribute that to my eyes. When I tried for the smaller circles, putting 10 rounds at each, I averaged 7 of 10 on each. The lower right I tore up with all 10 hitting and most were bullseyes. Upper left was a bit worse with me having almost half outside the small circle.
In short, it was a good gun.  Being all steel it was noticeably heavier than my Glock, but still felt comfortable in my hand.  Right now I would still be leaning towards the Glock as my better gun, but this one isn’t far behind. And with practice, it may become #1 eventually.

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