Glad I still have (some) of my memory left…

I often rant on Facebook about various things in my work that piss me off.  Several times I have had some people tell me that I should write a book about them!  Well I thank them for the confidence in my abilities or the fact that they think what I write and/or how I write can be funny, I never thought it was book-worthy.  Now blog posts…that is another story!  I believe that many times my work rants can come across as funny enough to entertain people for the 30 seconds or minute it takes to read them.  And for those of you who DO read them, I am thankful.  I really do this as more of a therapy for me, to help with my anger issues.  If I can get any of you to smile for a moment or two at my anger, joy or pain, then that is a nice bonus.

To fuel this blog I often look back at things I have posted on Facebook in the past and then retell them here.  I usually preface it with something like (taken from my Facebook, 2-1-2017) or something like that.  It has been handy because I can forget things, or remember them when I am nowhere near a computer to compile a blog post. So Saturday my ‘on this day’ on Facebook had a post I made about a folder company that had zero customer service.  I had ordered folders that were due Feb 1, and when I called to follow up they weren’t even in production yet.  No explanation, no urgency in trying to get them done, nothing.  So I sat down and created a post here about how that went down, using my previous Facebook post and my memories that came back after reading the post. I wrote down about 5 or 6 paragraphs and pasted in the emails I had put in my original Facebook post and then saved it for proof reading.

I come back 2 hours later to proof read what I had wrote and as I am doing so, I get this nagging suspicion that something isn’t right. Did I copy and paste the parts wrong?  I am finding only a few typos (I often transpose the N and G on words ending in ING so that I type things like TRYIGN) and everything seems correct so far.  Then it hit me: I wrote this already!  So I saved it and went back to look at the older posts and sure enough there it is, a whole post on the subject.  So on a whim I printed it out and then compared it to what I had just wrote.  I am happy that with the exception of specific wording, the stories were pretty much the same.  My memory isn’t completely gone, yet!  And Discount Folder still sucks.


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