Fun in the polar vortex of 2019

So a polar vortex hit the Chicagoland area this past week.  On Wednesday temperatures got down to -20 degrees where I live and were worse the farther north you went. My work had decided to be closed so I didn’t have to go into work.  Yeah!  I get to sleep in!  Um, no, didn’t work out that way.

Seems son #2 had to work Tuesday night (he works night shift).  So he gets out at 5:30 am and half the people in his shift have cars that won’t start.  So he stays around and helps jump start them and stay in his car for the one person whose car just wouldn’t start until a ride came for him. Then it is his turn to leave and a mile from his work, the right front tire blows out.  Now even if he WANTED to get out and change the tire in that weather, he couldn’t, because it is frozen onto the bottom of his truck.  So he calls me, at 6 am.  I tell him to just leave the car with a note that towing has been called and a friend brings him home.  So I call roadside assistance (best insurance add-on EVER!) and they say it probably won’t be until about noon, they will call as it gets closer to update me.  Great, I am going back to bed.

not so fast, says the Minooka Police Department.  About 7:15 they call my son’s cell phone and pretty much demand that he move the truck or they will tow it. he is freaking out so I get the phone and hear the same story.  I start off being polite, telling them that towing already has been called which got me a ‘Well when will they be there, we need that truck moved for liability reasons”. Now his truck was pulled to the side of the road, and it was a very wide road with traffic only going one way on each side of the median, so not sure why she was having a cow, but she was. I said “Well, it is -20 degrees outside and they are all pretty busy, they told me noon”.  She immediately comes back with “if it isn’t moved in 20 minutes we will have it towed for you”.  Now I am still groggy  from TRYING to go back to bed, so I blurt out “I can’t just make tow trucks magically appear”.  Then I quickly recovered and asked who they would use to tow it, I would just call them.  She gave me the name and number so I hung up and called the guy.

So I call the towing guy they recommend and he says that it would be several hours before he could get to it as he is running all over the place freeing up and helping out other municipal vehicles. So I laugh and say ‘Tell that to the Minooka Police Department, they think you are going to tow my car away in 20 minutes if I don’t move it.”  He chuckles a bit and then the other line rings and he asks me to hold.  After a few minutes he comes back on and tells me that was the Minooka Police wanting his to tow away my truck. That bitch didn’t even give me the 20 minutes she said originally!  he told me that he told them he would get to it when he could but it would be hours, then told me he would just drag the truck across the street to the gas station and leave it there for me to get later. No charge.  That would at least get the police off my back.  Dude, you rock!  Minooka Police, you suck!  I sent a dozen donuts to the guys office on Friday.

So I once again tried to lay back down and sleep, but no luck.  So I showered and awaited my call from the road side assistance.  I finally get a call around 10:30 to say that the noon time would probably be right on, so around 11:30 I drive up to the gas station where the truck is and await the tow. Within minutes after 12 the truck arrives and we have it towed to a tire place a few miles away.  I offered to buy the tow driver a coffee and donuts inside, but declined. We dropped the truck off at the tire place (who was closed, of course) and then went back on our way.

$100 later truck is back in action, my thanks go out to the 2 tow drivers who worked on that crappy day and a big boo to the Minooka Police for just being bitchy about a stuck vehicle in -20 degree weather. Thankfully no fingers, toes or ears got frostbite, but it hurt to breathe after about a minute.  Mad props to all the people who had to work in that crap.

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