Journalist Registration

A while back I had made this Facebook post:

It seems South Carolina wants to enact the “Responsible Journalism registry” law which would makes people wanting to exercise their first amendment rights as journalists to register with the state. This would create a state registry of journalists. Journalists are outraged although I am not sure why, they don’t have a waiting period, no prohibitions against assault journalists, and no limit to article size. And it still allows journalists on the no fly list to publish. Besides, the first Amendment was written when there was just quill and parchment.  Surely they would have wanted the internet restricted! Besides, if they aren’t doing anything wrong, why would they complain about registering?

As you can guess, it didn’t sit well with many of my liberal friends. Some of the various reactions were:

“freedom of speech to an intelligent mind is GOD given F*** the registry”

“This is BS! Journalists have rights!”

“I shouldn’t have to get approval for what I write or need a license!”

You get the picture, they weren’t happy.  When I tried to bring it around to gun rights, they were less angry, almost all were for restricting those.  When I asked why we couldn’t use the restrictions they want on the Second amendment on the First one,   they keep resorting to ‘words don’t hurt people’.  Yeah, tell that to the victims of all the internet mobs out there. I really think it could be time that there be some restrictions on speech here, perhaps a license or registration for reporters.  A license that can be taken away for making shit up, doxxing innocent people and inciting riots.  Good for the goose and all…


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