My ‘doh!’ moment for the weekend

So it snowed this weekend here.  We got a few inches on Friday night and Saturday, which was on top of a freezing rain on Thursday.  it made for some fun driving experiences and interesting moment s this weekend.  To start, on Friday night the wife and I had to go to the grocery store.  We didn’t go the weekend before and things were pretty low.  Oh, we would have survived a few more days, but the snowy weather doesn’t bother me.  I’ll get thru it.  it is the other drivers I worry about.  Case in point on our way home from the store, we were at a stop light waiting, and as i always do in crappy weather, I keep an eye in my mirrors for idiots behind me that perhaps can’t stop in time.  Well this time I just happen to see someone in the lane to me left and about 3 cars back rear end the car in front of him.  Heard it too, so it wasn’t too soft, had some impact there.  Light turns green and everyone starts to go forward. I check my back mirror and see the car that got hit turns on its turn signal and pulls over to the right.  Well the asshole who hit them just sped up.  I then see the other car pull back into traffic to chase, but lost that one.  However I still see the asshole approaching me on my left.  So I slow down to let them catch up and wife and I jot down the license number and description of the car.  I can’t quite see who was in it, looked like a woman but I can’t be sure of that.

So the asshole passes me and then cuts in front of me.  I guess they want to take a right turn at the approaching light.  All of a sudden another car comes flying up and also cuts in front of me.  There is a guy hanging out of the passenger window and throws what appears to be a can of pop or something at the Ford Escape that was running away.  I guess they caught up!  They turned right so I continued home, where I called the police and gave them all the info I had and mine as well in case they needed a witness to the hit and run.  So far, no calls.  Good luck with that.

But the DOH moment was Sunday.  With the snow, we can’t park on the street.  So the kid’s car was in the driveway, behind mine, which was in the garage.  On Sundays we go to church, and drive separately because wife stays for second service to help in the day care.  So I go outside and brush off her car and the truck and warm the both up.  She also has to be there about 20 min early for the child care thing so she  goes first. She leaves and I move the truck over to the other side then go back inside, as I don’t have to leave for another 30 minutes. I come back outside and try and start my car, and the key won’t turn!  WTF! I put it in and the car chimes, but no turn.  I try again, and again, turn it over and try but nothing. I have to go to make service and I have zero desire to drive the truck on those crappy roads but I cant get my car to start!  So I take out my phone and record myself trying to start it to send to the wife.  I don’t want her to think I am just blowing off church.  I sigh a bit then go back inside and start taking off my coat and stuff.

I reach into my pocket and put the keys on the table, when I notice that I just places my keys, the truck keys, and the keys to wife’s car on the table.  Wife’s key fob and mine look the same!  Well, mine has other keys attached to it, but that failed to register when I was attempting to start the car.  So I put all my stuff back on and go back outside, and sure enough Blackjack (my car’s name) starts right up.  Looks like God gets one more visitor at church that morning.  Doh!

Be safe out there!

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