time wasted day…

Almost done, here are the time wasters for my day:

8 phone calls from numbers we don’t know, and when answered had nobody on the other end, just hangups.

3 phone calls like above but a person eventually got on the line.  All 3 asked for ‘the person in charge of the ComEd account’.  I hung up.

2 phone call looking for the owner Scott, who was actually the owner 4 years ago.  Time to update that call list, buddy.

3 phone calls looking for me (2 pronounced my last name wrong which got them hung up on) looking to give me a business loan.  I don’t own the business, certainly not taking out a loan for it…

The usual assortment of junk emails with an emphasis today on people accessing our ‘send us a file’ on our web page to send us junk requests.  They are always looking for 1000 flash drives, no imprint and/or bulk t-shirts, blank.

The owner came in and talked about the pinball machine he bought for 30 minutes.

Spent 20 minutes on hold with service trying to get a service call for our copier upgraded.

Sorry, didn’t have time to write much today.

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