Buy local

OK, so there is a firearm that I want to purchase. I have been wanting a 1911 platform in 45 caliber for a long time.  What has been holding me back is that most of the ones under $1000 kinda suck.  While I WANT many of the $1000+ ones, I am too cheap to pull that trigger, so to speak. However I have found a version under $1000 from a good manufacturer that has great reviews.  I even went to a local gun shop and talked about it with the gunsmith there (who is a customer of mine and I trust to give me the straight info).  The gun in question is a Springfield Armory 1911 Milspec 45 caliber for $749.
Here is my dilemma.  I can purchase that gun from a big box retailer for the price I mentioned above.  OR I can go to the local shop and get it for $845 OTD (out the door, all taxes included), plus an extra mag. Now the cheaper price would have tax added to it bringing it to about $805 and the extra mag would add about $12, so round up to $820.  Do I pay the extra $25 to buy it local?  Advantages are money stays local, I know the guy and I would get an initial layer of customer service available should something not be right with it as he is also a gunsmith and has no problems checking out guns before they get sent back for repairs, if needed.  Disadvantage is it costs $25 more.
Aw, who am I kidding,  No dilemma here, I bought local, I pick it up next week.  I’ll let you know how it shoots.  It is an all steel gun as opposed to the polymer Glock so it is heavier. The .45 is also a ‘stronger’ round so we’ll see how my arthritic hands hold up.  Maybe later this year I will splurge and actually pay for this site so I can add pictures.  Oh shoot, missed opportunity for a Christmas present!

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