Educational moment

OK people, education time. If you want to design your business card or flyers on your own and save some money that’s great. I LOVE it when I get print-ready files. It saves me time and makes the job easier. However, IF you do that, you need to make sure that 1) you didn’t ‘steal’ your files from the first image that popped up on a Google search, 2) that if you did, the image you stole was of a high enough quality that it would print well, 3) you don’t steal one with a watermark on it and 4) don’t ask me to ‘fix’ it for you if you did. Many internet images look great on your screen but print terrible. This is because the resolution required to look good on the screen is only 72 dpi and can have file sizes in the single kb size. Blow that up to a full sheet size and it would look like one of those undercover videos where they blur out the faces. You will want 300 dpi or better and your file size should be huge compared to most jpegs you get for free. Right click and go to ‘properties’. 10 kb = BAD. 895 kb = better. PDFs and EPS files work best, jpegs and gifs work if they are a high enough resolution.

There are sites out there that you can download free graphics, photos and clipart from. Don’t steal, don’t try and make me an accessory to your crime and don’t bitch when your end product is shit because you wouldn’t listen to a professional.

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