Nothing changes…

No long, witty post today.  or a short witty post.  or a post that I THINK is witty but really isn’t.  As slow as I was yesterday, I am three times as busy today.  Shouldn’t be stopping to write this, but trying to put SOMETHING down at least twice a week. Got a customer who owns 4 restaurants in the area who is opening up a 5th one tomorrow. You would think he has this down by now, but he calls up about noon today because he hasn’t yet printed his menus or wine list.  And needs them TONIGHT for his soft open which started 5 minutes ago.  We had to drop everything to create, proof and print those.  He got them 15 minutes before he opened his doors for the soft open. His invoice is triple.  Going to end this and get back to the other jobs we had to put on hold.  New year, same old idiots out there…

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