NYE parties

My current NYE activities are pretty lame in many eyes.  Wife and I sit around the house and play cards and other games with my brother, his wife and a brother in law. There is a little drinking going on, but not much. We have fun, but the experiences are not like some of the ones when younger.

There was one party when I was in my low 20’s where we were playing a drinking game called ‘3 man’. The person designated as the ‘3 man’ has to drink when 2 dice are rolled and certain combinations of numbers show up.  Maybe 75% of the combos result in the 3 man drinking.  The only way to change that is to roll certain numbers when it is your turn.  Usually a 50-50 chance you get out of it on your roll.  One NYE I was the 3 man, and remained so for an hour.  Went thru all the beer I brought in perhaps 90 minutes because of it.  It was a long night.

One NYE I had to work.  I was a porter at a local bowling alley and we were open until 1 am. After we closed and all cleaned up, the manager opened the lounge up and we all had open bar and pool tables for about 3 hours. That somehow included me and my co-worker/ friend, who were both under 21.  It was interesting getting home, stupidity prevailed.  It was a long night.

In the mid 90’s we had one of my wife’s brothers over and were just drinking and having fun playing cards when our neighbor informed us that they were having a party and to come on over! The Better Half isn’t a big social person and was reluctant, but we did go over.  Shortly after midnight she decided to go home but said I could stay, since I was already pretty plastered.  I walked her back home then went back to continue drinking.  I remember lots of beers, I remember a fight (not involving me) and I remember one of the guys in the fight getting shoved backwards into me, causing us both to hit a wall and fall thru it.  I made it home shortly after that and sleeping was difficult with my very sore back and head.  It was a long night.

Only 1 year did we try and go ‘out’ somewhere.  We went to a bar not too far away from our house that had a cover charge for drinkers and free pop, water, etc. for designated drivers, along with breakfast for everyone at 1 am. I got to be the DD.  Oh boy!  The bar scene was pretty lame, too many people drank way too much and couldn’t handle it.  The dance floor was too packed, even if I had wanted to dance. Breakfast was lukewarm at best when it was served, but we ate it anyway and I herded the Better Half and her brother into the car to go home.  I had to pass thru 3 roadblocks on the way.  It was a long night.

One NYE back in my college days my girlfriend had to work.  She was a night clerk at a local hotel. I met her at her work around 10 PM and just hung around in the little lounge area until it closed at 2 am.  She had to work until 4 am, so with 2 hours to kill she gave me a key to the pool/hot tub area.  I went in, swam and enjoyed the hot tub until she was able to join me.  In she walked with a bottle of champagne and no clothes on!  Not going to get too graphic here, but we didn’t realize that the hot tub area had a big glass wall on one side that faced the street, and since there was light on in our area, people could see us from outside. I am glad this was before cell phone cameras, but we were still busted.  It was a very long night.

When we first started our card games on NYE thing, there was drinking involved.  We wold play some Dealer’s Choice poker and every 10th hand, the winner got to pick someone to go play Drinko.  It was a Plinko-type game with 6 shot glasses at the bottom.  We filled 3 with water and 3 with vodka.  You dropped the token and drank whatever shot you got, then filled it back up. I was the person selected 3 of the first 4 or 5 times.  3 of the times I got water, each time I pretended it was vodka and refilled it with vodka.  After a bit there was no water up there, just vodka.  We all were a bit toasty.  I have since learned that vodka really does give me hangovers, and it doesn’t wait until the morning.  it was a long night.

Now I might have several beers from dinner to bed time.  Better Half will probably nurse 2 drinks throughout the night.  The others will probably have the same.  Let me tell you, while it doesn’t provide the somewhat interesting stories of the alcohol-fueled ones, it makes for shorter nights.  And easier morning.  The body just doesn’t recover like it used to.  Please be safe everyone, hope your 2019 is a good one.

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