I don’t do twitter

I don’t do twitter.  I think it is a cesspool of the worst people which brings out the worst in just about everybody. I have tried to get my kids to abstain, but they are on there.  I can only hope they don’t say anything too stupid that comes back to haunt them someday.  My only twitter experience came from me setting up a fake account so that I could monitor what my oldest son was saying on there.  I made 3 or 4 fake tweets to have a history and then after a week decided that even that was just plain bad.
 Case in point being the recent Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray.  Instead of getting to bask in his glory, moments after it was announced some click-bait searching assholes, here, decided to dredge up tweets he made back when he was 14.  They tried to pawn it off as ‘tweets have resurfaced…”.  yeah, they resurfaced, because you went digging for them in anticipation of bringing him down.  For clicks. Have you no shame?  Rhetorical, because we know the answer is no. Surprisingly the recipient of your assholery was a black guy.  I thought that was still a ‘protected class’ for you SJW scolds.  I guess they are dropping on the victim totem pole.
Next up at just about the same time was Kevin Hart. While digging thru his twitter didn’t go back to when he was 14, they did go back several years.  Several years ago he apologized for those tweets, and now the SJWs were after him yet one more time to repent his sins and prostrate himself on the alter of political correctness.  I applaud his stand for pretty much saying no, he had already said sorry and wasn’t going to keep doing it over and over.  He then suggested that they stop being sourpusses and to quit looking for things to get offended over.  For that I agree with him.
Yes, in my youth I said some shit that I am glad not many people know about.  I did stuff too that I am not proud of.  Thankfully there wasn’t a crazed social media around to help vilify me for life because of it.  It also helps that I am not famous, rich or a celebrity, but everyone has enemies, and I have pissed off more than enough people in my life, which is why I will never run for political office.  If I ever win the lottery, I am going to hire a bunch of people to comb thru every twitter and social media feed of every so-called reporter who has done this with people’s tweets, be it to athletes, politicians or just an average Joe who happened to get attention because they dared speak up. Fuck them.  If Kyler Murray’s tweets when he was 14 are considered news, then so would the reporter’s history of abusing his wife, past drug convictions or racist tweets of his own.

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