“I told you not to do that…”

So back in high school I used to take the honors math classes.  I hated it.  Math was never a fun thing for me.  I treated it kind of like running when I was in sports.  I know I HAVE to do it but I don’t WANT to do it.  So after a year or two of that I decided to drop the high math classes and go back to the regular math classes.  Well the one good thing about it was for the rest of the year I really didn’t have to even try.  The lower class was doing things that I had done the previous year and so it was pretty easy for me.
The downside was every crazy S.O.B. in our school was now in my math class.  Just sitting there I thought I could tell who would one day snap and so I formulated plans to escape the room or to even befriend them in the hopes they come at me last. There was one in particular named Rick who sat behind me in class.  Our room was on the second floor and he had the last seat in the corner by the window  He was always staring outside during class. I would talk with him every day just to be polite, but there were other idiots in the class who liked to try and torment him.  They would make fun of his stupidity and taunt him from time to time and I could see him simmering.  Now keep in mind that this was the early 80’s and school shootings really weren’t happening then (or at least if they were they weren’t 24-7 on TV), but I could just tell that one day he would snap.  I made a point from time to time to mention this to the idiots who were taunting him that they may not want to do that, but of course that kind of backfired and seemed to inspire them to taunt him more.
One day before class started everyone was lingering about the room when 2 of the idiots approached Rick.  I was already seated so this was happening right behind me.  They come up to him and start making jokes about him being stupid, a couple  ‘yo momma’ jokes and then as I look up one of them pokes Rick in the chest.  Well apparently that was the tipping point for Rick.  Now Rick was a bigger guy and by no stretch a weakling.  But faster that you can imagine he slugged guy #1 with is forearm, knocking him backwards into a few other desks.  Guy #2 jumped backwards REALLY FAST, so Rick then grabbed guy #1 as he stood back up by the crotch and the neck and lifted him over his head.  Now the whole room is screaming, the teacher walks in and starts yelling for security.  Rick then takes this guy over to the window and tries to stuff him thru the little opening outside.  Guy #1 has his head and arms hanging outside the window as Rick is trying to stuff his legs thru.  I am just thinking “I told you not to do that…” as I contemplate what to do. I pretty much froze as I was just captivated by the raw emotions Rick was displaying to bullying after finally having enough. Finally after watching guy #1 struggle for maybe 30 seconds I started yelling to Rick.  ”  Hey!  Rick!   Come on man, he ain’t worth jail!  You already made him shit his pants, let him go man!” Rick slowed his attempts to push guy #1 out, but didn’t stop completely.  He turned around and looked past me just as the teacher and 2 security guards came in.  He then just dropped his legs and backed away. One of the guards walked up to Rick and just said “Come with me”, and Rick just hung his head and walked out with him.  The other guard and the teacher  helped bring guy #1 back into the room, who may have actually shit his pants.   Guy #1 and 2 both left with the other guard and we never really got much done that day.
I don’t know all of what happened afterwards to the participants.  I know they wanted to expel Rick, but he explained that he was being bullied and just responded to a physical altercation started by guy #1.  There were reports by the teacher that yes the 2 guys in question had been bullying Rick throughout the year and I was even asked to provide a statement, which I did.  Rick was suspended for a while but not expelled.  The other two guys were also suspended but for a shorter amount of time.  And what did I get for it?  Oh, I got beat up by guy #1, 2 and 2 of their friends for ‘helping’ Rick a few weeks later.  Unlike Rick I was a pretty scrawny guy back then.  I was in shape from swimming and tennis, but not muscular by any stretch.  Awesome.

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