Even application of the law

Consistency in application of the law. If we had that I feel that a lot of trouble would be stopped before it reaches the proportions that it does.  Often the person who is throwing trash cars thru a store window has been arrested several times before on similar or lesser charges but somehow manages to get let go without jail time, fines or often even a record.  This emboldens them to continue pushing the edge until maybe someday they actually have to pay a price for their actions.

Take for example Michael Leaming.  Michael is an animal rights activist.  He is just what you would think he would be, loud and sure that his view is the correct view and even expressing a questioning view makes you the devil.   So Michael was at a protest one day with a group of like-minded crazies at a Chik-Fil-A. They wore costumes and laid on the floor of the restaurant and others pretended to stab them.  In the process they scared the crap out of a bunch of little kids, made a mess and disrupted a business from selling tasty chicken sandwiches.  Somehow they all got out of there without being arrested, ticketed or anything.

Then Michael and his kid made it to a park where 2 guys were fishing.  Well you just KNOW that set them off, and they began berating the fisherman about eating animals and so on.  The confrontation escalated to the point where the loudmouth grabbed the guy’s catch and threw it back in the water. Now first off I am giving mad props to the fishermen. I would have tossed that guy over the edge while telling him he needs to retrieve my fish. Instead they called the police.  The police actually arrested the guy and then let him go, but the guy filed charges.  A court case ensued and the crazy guy actually lost.  But here is where once again the equal application of the law screws up.  Yes the guy got a fine.  However PETA or his own group will probably pay it for him.  But the judge withheld adjudication and refused to assign probation, so they guy has no record.  Emboldened, this asshole will do it again.  And again.  Until he actually hurts somebody.  Just apply the law evenly, it could stop idiots like this.  Protesting is great if done legally.  If not, you should be prepared to accept the consequences.

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