Not gonna do it…

Retail life for me was filled with lots of little annoyances.  I was limited in how much paper I could order and keep in stock.  If i had a specific job that required more than we had, I was unable to officially take it from the floor and replace once ours came in.  I say unofficially because i still did it if I had to.  I am not losing a sale.  We had sometimes crappy equipment to use.  Our cutter was very old.  It had a hand crank for bringing down the clamp to hold the paper in place and the blade was literally powered by human hands, just like the old table top cutter you saw in art class at high school, only on a larger scale.  Our FedEx kiosk was supposed to be self-serve, but every idiot who came up needed help.  On the store side of it we had at least one guy who would come in and mess up the shelves 2 or 3 times a week.  Facing was a never ending job.
One day about a month or so in, we had this lady come in with pictures of her kid that she wanted me to make color copies of.  They were her school photos, which had the photographer logo on the front and a ‘do not copy’ tag on the back. I look at it and tell her that I can’t make copies of these unless she has a release from the photographer.  The look I got was a mixture of anger and confusion.  “What, Do. You. Mean By THAT!” she says.  So I simply tell her that with the logo and text on the back, we can’t legally make copies of these photos unless you have a written release from the photographer.  Like it or not, the law says the photographer owns the copyright on the photos unless he gives or sells you a release. That went over about as good as you might imagine.  Hands flew in the air, she tries to speak but can’t get out complete sentences. She starts pacing back and forth while doing all this.  After about 30 or 40 seconds, she sees the manager across the store and screams for him to come over.  So over he comes.
First off it seems that she is a regular here.  New to me, but a regular, so she knows the manager a bit. Second, apparently whoever was there before me had no problems breaking the law making copies, as I found out from the manager.  So anyway manager approached and now she starts getting out coherent speech about how I am being rude (which I wasn’t) and refusing to copy her pictures (which I was). Manager looks at me and I explain to him what the issue is.  He asks the customer to excuse us for a moment and we walk to the back a bit and he then says “look, I get it.  really.  But make her copies.”  By now I really hated this job, and I really didn’t want to make the copies as it was illegal, and now I really didn’t like this customer either.  So after a few moments I told him that I wasn’t breaking the law for any job.  I offered to show him how to do it if he wanted to but if we got caught I would be the one with a fine and it would follow me around forever if my employer ever found out. I also informed him about how Kinkos, now known as FedEx Office, lost more than one case about similar circumstances.  I let that last part linger there for a bit.
He just stared at me, perhaps wondering if I would report to corporate that he ordered me to break the law and put them at huge financial risk.  Finally he went up and waited on her to make her copies.  I went on lunch

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