Stunt driving

(Reposted from FB)

OK, so I was by myself this weekend and was looking at the empty fridge.  I needed food but was too lazy to go to the store in all this cold and snow crap.  However there was really nothing other than some junk food to eat so off I went.  The snow had stopped but it was still pretty cold out and the roads were not in the best of shape.

I decided to go to Jewel, as they usually have a good meat selection.  Time to get me a steak!  So off I go.  Jewel is located just off of a hill.  On the road I take to get there it is 2 lanes each way with a turn lane in the middle and from the side I was approaching I would be going downhill until I got to the entrance on the right side halfway down. I crest the top of the hill maybe doing 35 (speed limit 45) and take my foot off the gas, just in case the other side is slick.  As I start the drive on the downside, I see a deer pop out from the woods on the left side of the road and run right into traffic.  Oh f*cking great.

Every car in sight hits the brakes.  There were 3 or 4 cars coming up the hill all slamming the brakes and just turning all sorts of ways. There are a few cars both in front and behind me all now spinning around like contestants on Dancing with the Stars. I also hit my brakes and despite my already slowed speed proceed to spin.  The scene with perhaps 12 different cars all spinning and moving and one lone deer running right thru the middle of it looked like something choreographed right out of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus or something.  All that spinning and sliding but yet somehow not one car hit anything. No curb or fenders, just ended with a dozen cars all facing weird directions. Weirder still for me was I stopped literally facing the very entrance that I needed to turn into.  So a few deep breaths later and a quick sniff to make sure I didn’t ‘lose it’ during that dance, I continued into the parking lot and got myself TWO steaks.  And a 12-pack of beer. F*ck it, after that, might need the other one for tomorrow.  Be careful out there kids!



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