Turkey Day 2018!

Thanksgiving is just about here again and this year we will be actually staying home!  For a long while we had taken a road trip to Branson, Missouri every year to hang at my in-laws.  Several years ago that long trip stopped after the father in law passed and the step mom in law got a little crazy. So we started taking trips!  We have been all over during the turkey day weekend, the last 2 years being Florida and South Carolina.
However THIS year we are staying home.  We had plans to go to Nashville for the weekend.  Nothing concrete, just it was one place we both agreed to that wouldn’t take forever to get to or cost an arm and a leg. I also have a college roommate that moved down to the area and has been trying to get us to come by.  We spent a TON on Halloween so money is a bit tighter than normal. Well the days crept up on us and we kept putting off making plans, so looks like we are staying home this year.  And by some miracle, both boys will be at our house for the day, along with one bro in law and the remaining mom in law. I don’t mind, as I enjoy cooking a turkey.  And my house is big enough to have 6 of us there without being too crowded.  So bring on the bird!  FYI, if you want a really juicy bird, put your turkey on a bed of sliced onions, celery and carrots, cover the entire thing with bacon (yes, bacon!) and add a little chicken broth to the bottom of the pan.  Then cook the turkey according to the instructions.  You will have a delicious tasting bird that has a taste of bacon to it, but not one that is over-powering.  The only drawback is that if you like crispy skin you are out of luck here.
Staying at home of going to Florida, the one thing that is constant is family.  I am fortunate enough to have family.  Family that I love and care for and that does the same for us.  If you have family I hope that you are able to spend time with them and revel in their company.  Try not to talk about contentious issues but of good times, happy memories or just football. Be in the moment.  Put your cell phones down and pay attention to the people in front of you. Even if you normally don’t get along. Hug your dad, kiss your mom, you know what I mean. Any day can be the last day so never miss the opportunity to tell someone that you love them. If there is a simmering feud, be the one to make the first step.
I am pissed off a lot.  Traffic, politics, going bald, my weight, stupid customers and many other things tend to help push me into the pissed off area. But I am happy and thankful for my family and friends.  I have 2 healthy boys that are becoming good men.  I have a beautiful wife that I often feel I don’t deserve.  I have parents that love me and are always there for me.  I love my brother and sister, even if I don’t see my sister very much.  I have friends from high school that I still talk to and hang out with that I love.  My best friend was just in town this weekend (he has been living out east for the last 20 years or so!) and even though it was only one day, we just pick up wherever we left off last time.  Cherish everything. And I am thankful for each and every one of you, yes, all 12 of you, that read this.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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