My mistake

I made a mistake once.  OK, I make them all the time but for the purposes of this post, I made a mistake on a job I was to do.   A few years back I had an EDDM mailing to to.  For those that don’t know what that is, it is a program the post office has to where you can mail to a whole carrier route, no addresses needed, for like $.20 per piece.  It works great for businesses that get a large amount of their customer base within just a few miles of their location. Once you prepare the job you take it to the post office and it is supposed to get delivered the next day.  The price is cheap and the delivery fast because the items go right from the counter to the carrier’s routes, no need to go thru any postal equipment.

So here we are just before Veterans Day and I am preparing a mailing to go out. Well I screwed up, got busy with a rush project and forgot to get it out that Friday.  Monday comes and oops!  No mail.  So I get it out on Tuesday to the PO and people should start getting it Wednesday.  It will be 2 days late but I might be able to get away with that.

Well, no dice on that.  My lovely Joliet post office here screwed me over once again.  Instead of people getting it on Wednesday, people didn’t get it until that FRIDAY!  The customer calls me up very pissed off, as he should have been.  So he starts screaming about how it is my fault, we screwed up and so on.  I let him rant for a moment and then say “You are correct sir, I messed up and got it to the post office late. I can only apologize for my mistake and ask what I can do for you because of this.  He suddenly got very quiet as if he expected me to argue back.  Look, I made a mistake.  I will do whatever I can within reason to fix it. I may have gotten away with it if the PO had been a little more on their game but thanks to my screw up, compounded by their screw up, we have one very irate customer.

After a few minutes he then calmed down and asked if we could do something for him on the next one and what we could do to ensure that the next one was out on time.  We talked for a bit and came up with a plan and had automatic reminders set in our order entry program for me to remind HIM about needing artwork fast enough so there is no rush in meeting mail dates, even allowing for the massive suckage known as the Joliet post office.  Thanks customer and screw you post office.

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