Government over-reach.

Many times while my boys were growing up we would send them off to my brother’s house to go play with their cousins. We would get a few hours of no kids that allowed us to clean, shop or even nap.  We would then return the favor later in the week or whenever the situation came up.   We had a sort-of schedule so we could plan to get things done and it worked great.  In today’s world, there are groups of parents who gather for informal ‘play-dates’ at a local church with the parents of the kids attending taking turns watching them.

Well it seems that some government asshat has decided that it is against the law to do that, claiming they were  operating an illegal “child development facility” without a license.  Give me a break.  This is like the asshats that go around ticketing little kid’s lemonade stands because they didn’t get a $100 permit from the overlords.

The government’s main argument is that they aren’t an ‘informal’ group because they dared to have rules, like if your kid is sick, don’t bring them and asking for emergency numbers.  Wouldn’t you have the same rule for kids coming into your house? Wouldn’t you NEED to be able to reach a parent should a kid fall ill or something?

It’s bad enough that free-range children nowadays are considered abuse. What the hell is it with some people in governmental positions always wanting to tell everyone else what to do?  One thing I am curious about, which the story doesn’t mention, is how did this arrangement suddenly become the target of The Office of the State Superintendent of Education in the first place?  This group has been doing this since the 1970’s with no problems.  So did someone complain because they were left out or kicked out?  Was someone not allowed to ‘join’ and decided to screw with them?  Was it daycare workers or someone thinking they were being ripped off of potential bucks by the group’s existence?

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