Lawsuit filed

A while back I made a slightly humorous post about a tranny guy who went to get a Brazilian (Brozilion?) wax job from a salon that only served people with female genitalia. The potential customer in question was a black transgender who was pissed at a female Muslim and I wondered out loud which of the favored so-called victim classes would win out here.

Well it seems that the salon isn’t backing down so the tranny in question has filed a lawsuit. Now this is in Canada so things are a bit different there.  The suit gets files with a ‘Human Rights Tribunal’, which means a bunch of non-elected government asshats get to decide things. The person decided to sue each of the 14 individual employees.  But here is the rub.  The tranny gets free representation because they filed the suit.  The people defending themselves, if they choose to get legal help, can spend up to $10,000 or more doing so.  Assuming they can get a lawyer up there willing to take on a tranny at the tribunal.  They might get shunned at the next cocktail party should they do so.  Don’t take that just from me, several of the ladies have reported that they have tried over 20 different lawyers and were unable to secure one.

Rub #2 is the tranny has offered to ‘settle’ the complaint for $2500.  Take that time 14 employees and you get a nice payday for nothing.  For the salon employee $2500 is better than spending $10,000, which according to Canada, you can’t sue to recover. However one person DID secure a lawyer.  Once informed that that person was going to fight back, even that they had expert testimony showing how the process was different for male vs female genitles.   The case against her was dropped. Funny how that works.

As of now the remaining cases are open. The one lawyer who was willing to take the case should offer to do it for the other ladies for $1000 each and represent them all.  Oh, it also turns out that there IS a way for the ladies to get free representation, but the tribunal isn’t telling them that.  I’ll let you know if I can find any more updates.  So far, tranny 0-1 with 13 more cracks at the apple.

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