My retail experience beings…

I have been unemployed (when not going to school) twice in my life.  Each time was for a longer period of time than I would have liked and about drove me crazy, but those are other stories.  After I closed my print shop in 2008, I was now officially unemployed.  Time to find a job!  So the hunt begins.

Looking for work in 2008 was a lot different from when I was unemployed in 1991.  Back then you still had to read the classified in the newspaper and mail resumes out.  In some cases you even had to show up in person to fill out a job application.  2008 featured the internet and all the websites that had job listings.  You can apply to 20 different jobs in an hour and be lazy the rest of the day.  It was a weird feeling for me as I felt like I wasn’t doing enough.  However I would scour Indeed, Craigslist and every job site out there at the time and answer just about everything within an hours drive. I ended up with a lot of interviews, but no job.  The big problem I had was being ‘over-qualified’ for most of the jobs.  People would tell me outright that they were afraid I would leave in a week if a better offer came along.  No amount of talk from me seemed to be able to dissuade them of that thought.

There weren’t a lot of printing jobs available at the time, but Office Max was constantly looking for print center managers.  I have been in Office Max before and seen their print centers.  I can run those with my eyes closed.  At least the few I had been in were pretty understaffed and the people didn’t really seem to know anything other than how to push start of a copy machine.  Piece of cake!  Now to just land the job.  So I send off my electronic resume and wait.  Next week do the same.  And so on.  And so on.  And so on.  It is now 6 weeks later and I still haven’t even got a call which is frankly getting pretty frustrating.  I figure they should at LEAST want to talk with me.

So after seeing the next ad for a copy center manager I call the store directly and ask to speak to the manager.  I get the guy on the phone and tell him that I have been applying and am curious as to why I haven’t at least gotten a call back. I explain to him my history and he seems surprised that he hasn’t seen my resume.  Apparently they all go to corporate first then they get filtered to him to check out.  So he asked that I sent my resume to him directly, which I did. He called me back within an hour and we scheduled an interview for the next day.  Woo hoo!

I get to the interview and it went pretty much how the others had gone.  I do fine but he as well is concerned about me leaving as soon as something better comes along.  I tried to point out my job history which showed that I am not a ‘job hopper’ and then I told him what if I guaranteed him at least 6 months, would that help?  Apparently it did as I got the job.  I was now in the world of retail printing.  Yeah me!  I had always thought that every kid should have to work fast food and/or retail at least once in their life just for the experience.  I did fast food back as a teenager for a year, and here I am at 40 doing retail.  My adventures were just beginning.  Over the next week or three I will talk about some Omax stories for you.

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