People who should be fired

Teachers are supposed to teach.  When they delve into politics on ‘company’ time and use ‘company’ resources, they should be reprimanded to the fullest extent. Or in cases like this, they should be fired:

“Although I never offer extra credit, I’m making a one-time exception,” Allen told students in the email. “I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Abrams campaign along with Senator Warren are visiting campus tomorrow at 10 am in the UC commons. They would like a really big turnout. To help out I’m offering the following opportunity: If you attend, take a selfie of you at the events, and upload a pic to the folder I’m creating in D2L, I’ll add 2 bonus points to your final grade.”

The taxpayers are not paying you to push ANY political agenda.  I would feel the same if it were a conservative event she had pushed, although to be honest I wouldn’t be writing about it.  However I wouldn’t have any issue were they to be reprimanded and/or let go.  Now some of the kids I am sure will just show up, take their selfie for credit and leave but that isn’t the point.  Using your teaching pulpit with a captive audience to motivate people to do something beneficial for one political party over another is wrong.  About the only exception I can see here is if a political science class offered credit for attending events to ALL sides of an issue, since they are about politics in the class.  Stop the indoctrination.

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