Every month I send out statements to the customers of ours that have an account.  Our A/R is pretty good but we still have our problem accounts.  We have one that is habitually at 90+ days.  His invoices are also about 40% higher than they need to be to account for that, so we make out either way.  There is a limit he can’t go over.  We have another account that always pays just before they order. Sometimes they are 60 days late sometimes paid within 2 weeks.  Their invoices are also about 20% higher to cover that.  I WILL get my money back one way or another.

But back to the statements.  I send them every month.  If someone gets to 60 days, and it isn’t one of our ‘known’ accounts, I give them a call as well.  This continues on until we get paid or collections becomes necessary. So we have this one account that is out for 5 months.  They got a statement every month and at least 8 calls between the boss and myself.  So last week they call in and say ‘oh, we paid that back in May.  Now I keep a copy of every check that comes in here and it is attached to our ‘closes’. So I can go back and check that.  I also have all the credit card slips attached and can usually go check them as well.  So first off I call bullshit on this because there is nothing there.  Second, if you DID pay it, why didn’t you call me after getting any of the previous 5 statements saying you didn’t? Can you not read?  Are you just a moron?

So it turns out that they did pay.  They just didn’t pay ME.  They sent me a copy of a cancelled check made out to our franchise name, but not OUR franchise, some other branch.  The stamp on the back is a deposit stamp for a store in Chicago. So I point this out to them and they say “well, you can just get it from them’.  Um, no.  THEY are not my customer and THEY don’t owe me money,  YOU do.  That isn’t my job.  Also, the owner of that location is an asshole and if I did call there we would probably end up yelling at each other.  We do not like each other. After going back and forth on this for about 10 minutes on the phone I put my foot down.  “Look, I am not calling them to track this down.  Since they cashed it that means they would have to write a check for it and in all my previous dealings with this guy that would take at least a month.  I am not waiting another month for this.  You can contact him and get them to refund you.  Maybe ask him why he deposited a check without an open invoice to put it against. I don’t care.  But if we don’t have a check here in 2 weeks to pay this invoice I am forwarding it to collections. Have a nice day.”  We’ll see what happens…

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