We need more shame

OK, going to start by copying this article from earlier this year, then gonna rant about it.  here is the article


A Burger King in Massachusetts has removed a sign about overdosing after receiving backlash for displaying it.

The sign, which hung behind the counter of the Worcester location and was seemingly aimed at customers, read: “You are ONLY allowed ONE overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.”

Police told WBZ they met with the restaurant manager to discuss ways in which they could help.

This particular location of the fast-food chain sees a large amount of drug activity. “It’s common knowledge, people do use those restrooms to do that sort of thing. There have been overdoses in there,” a customer told WBZ.

According to a Mass Live report from October 2017, this Burger King near Kelley Square has had nine overdoses between September 2016 and September 2017.

Some believe the sign Burger King had hanging is a result of the stigma around drug use and addiction.

“We are in the midst of an opioid crisis and signs like this don’t help,” AdCare’s Georganna Koppermann told WBZ. AdCare is a substance abuse treatment center that offers inpatient and outpatient services to those struggling with addiction.

Burger King told the news organization it is investigating the situation.

“The actions of this Team Member were an isolated incident and do not reflect the Burger King brand values or the values of the Franchisee, who independently owns and operates this restaurant,” a Burger King spokesperson said. “The Franchisee is investigating this incident thoroughly and will take the actions they believe are appropriate.”

Got all that?  OK, I got questions and a whole lotta bitching to do here. Let’s start with the very first  line.  “They received backlash for posting it”.  From WHO?  The druggies?  Who the fuck cares what they think!  if you got junkies shooting up in your bathroom odds are that mom and dad are NOT going to stop by and get that kid’s meal on the way home from work.  Junkies are more concerned with putting shit in their veins instead of putting french fries in their mouth.

Next, ‘police met with the manager to discuss ways they can help.’.  Arrest the junkies.  Arrest the dealers.  Just keep them out of the Burger King!

However this next line is the kicker, and the cause of my ire.  “Some believe the sign Burger King had hanging is a result of the stigma around drug use and addiction.”  What is wrong with having a stigma about ILLEGAL DRUG USE?  Nothing!  It should not be socially acceptable.  Shame SHOULD be used to curb this.  Shame and law enforcement.  WTF is wrong with people? “Oh my, we don’t want to offend these poor drug-addled souls who are laying a pile of their own vomit in a Burger King bathroom, that would just be mean!’  Seriously, go away.  You need to stop right now.  If you are worried about shaming an addict, you have too much time on your hands.  We need MORE shame in this world.  If Democrats in the Senate had any this farce with the SC nominee would have never got this far. But that is a different story,  back to BK!

The last paragraph is also a head-slapper.  “The actions of this Team Member were an isolated incident and do not reflect the Burger King brand values or the values of the Franchisee”.  Really?  Just what ARE your values?  You don’t value customers who follow the law?  You don’t value parents wanting the place to be free from addicts and needles? Seriously, what fucking ‘values’ do you have if you are mad at a guy from shaming illegal drug users!!!!! Quit fucking apologizing for common sense!!!!! Frankly I think the sign didn’t go far enough.  Should have added a line that anyone caught ODing in the bathroom will be charged  a ‘inconvenience fee’ for cleaning and disinfecting the area and then send them the bill.  How’s that for shaming?


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