Entitled protesters

In light of all the Democrats and liberals who seem to like to cause trouble nowadays I figured I can tel you about this situation we had a few years back by my store.

There is state rep. out here who at one time had his office located in the building next to where I worked.  He has since been redistricted to another area. It was a weird setup. The building was a gym, but they had a string of 5 or 6 offices that you could get to from the lobby.  His office was located in there along with a few other companies.  Probably cheap rent.

Well over the course of the next few months, it seemed like every other week there was a group outside the building ‘protesting’ him for something.  Usually it was something union-oriented and/or jobs oriented as that was most of the slogans I could hear thru the walls from time to time.  Plus there were always 5 or 6 individuals hanging around the back wearing purple SEIU shirts.  I recognized many of them as having been there before, so pretty sure it was a recurring event for them.  “What do we want?  Jobs!  When do we want them?  Now!”  Seriously, they were as lame as that.  One day I heard them chanting that as I was leaving to make a delivery and I yelled out “Jamieson’s is hiring!”, which is a restaurant located 2 doors down.  Wow did I get some nasty looks as I continued about loading my car and leaving on deliveries.

So we now have about 3 months of this going on and then one day I hear cops outside.  It seems that on this day after doing their 30 minutes or so of chanting they decided to bumrush the building and go occupy his office.  I walked out to the door and I can hear the chanting from outside as the cops pulled up.  They got out of the cars and one went up to the purple shirted ‘leaders’ and began talking.  As they talked the other cops went inside and started chasing the people out.  With them now chanting outside I couldn’t hear what was said between the officer and the purple shirts, but it looked pretty animated.  Joliet is a pretty Democratic town and I am sure they expected no resistance. Well, they were getting it.  I later found out that not only did the Congressman’s office call and complain, but so did the gym and every other business that was there.  A few of them were some pretty big donors to the mayor and I am sure didn’t like being inconvenienced by that crap.  So out of the building they went and about 20 minutes later they disperses.  Nobody was arrested, which kind of made me mad, and it wasn’t even my building!

So 2 weeks later the same group of people show up yet again.  This time they are a little louder than normal,  I think they must have the bullhorns set to maximum volume. I walk to the front door and listen for a few moments and the purple shirts are doing their best to get the perhaps 35 or so people really worked up.  Then quietly about 5 cop cars pull up and just park in the lot a short distance away.  Oh how the purple shirts wailed about that!  “The cops are here to harass you, to stop you from exercising your right to protest!” I think they were just there to make sure they didn’t rush the building again.  Whatever the reason, perhaps they felt thwarted because within 10 minutes they all packed up and went home.  A few minutes later so did all but one of the cop cars, who stayed parked in the back of the lot.

Maybe an hour later, I saw 2 vans pull into our lot and head towards the back where the gym/offices were located.  I had big windows along the entire front of my store so I could see this, I really was working, promise!  Anyway I see the vans go by and just as they get past my store they can see the cop car still parked in the back.  Both vans just turned around and left.  I wonder what they had planned?

I am all for protesting if you feel wronged.  That is a pretty American thing to do and that we can do it safely is important.  I think it is wrong when you have to bus ‘protesters’ in or in some cases pay them to support your cause.  I think it is wrong to get mad that your protest isn’t working and to try and do other things which include breaking laws, like trespassing, assault and so on. I would have had no problem with the state reps staff physically removing people who refused to leave and I think he should have pressed trespassing charges against them. One thing we have wrong is not having people take responsibility for their actions.  Too many protesters go to willingly get arrested, because they know they they will be released with no charges and most of the time with no consequences.  Is there a fine for disorderly conduct?  Trespassing?  Jail time? Enforce the law.

With that in mind, and the Supreme Court hearings going on, seeing the level that some Democrats are going to in order to derail this makes me sick.  I do not do the cesspool known as twitter, but I see posts about twitter crap all the time.  There are tons of posts from angry liberals claiming to be ready to take the protests to the ‘next level’.  All you got left is more violence. I believe that violence begets violence and I would like to go on record as saying that I would like very much to ensure that any man who offers violence to me or my family will  beget a whole lot more in return than he or she can enjoy.” Your actions will have consequences.

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