Guns for me, not for thee…

One of the things that pisses me (and most pro-gun people) off about gun grabbers is the utter hypocrisy of them.  Some of the loudest ones you here live in gated, safe communities and travel with armed protection.  THEY don’t have a gun, you see, but they ‘need’ protection, so they can afford to pay someone to do that for them.  But YOU?  You peon, call the police!

Two of the most famous ones are Michael Bloomberg and his acolyte Shannon Watts. Bloomberg has the money to hire security, and lots of it.  He even has the money and pull to have his armed security be armed in placed where they are not allowed. On a trip to Bermuda, where guns are outlawed, he somehow managed to have his  armed security with him.  For Shannon Watts, she had under cover armed security, courtesy of Mr. Bloomberg, following her at every speaking event.  She often holds events in ‘gun free zones’ such as parks, but yet still has armed protection while in those parks?

One of the newest entries to this category is supposed Democratic rising star Camilla Harris.  Despite the fact that she essentially slept her way into politics, she somehow seems to be popular among liberals.  One of the reasons is her extreme anti gun views.  But is seems that she too has been enjoying armed security for a while, at taxpayer expense no less.  And while that is coming to an end since it has been found out, look for that to be replaced soon with some other form of ‘protection’ that would be armed. You know who needs that security?  Maybe Rand Paul, since he has a bat-shit leftist neighbor who attacked him.  How about Steve Scalise, who was shot by a crazed liberal in a murder attempt?

Bottom line is it seems that the anti-gun Democrats, of which there are many, want YOU to be unarmed.  They don’t think you can be trusted with your own protection and should rely on the police.  However it has been shows time and again that the police have no obligation to protect you.  So those that can afford it, usually the loudest voices, get private security.  The rest of us?  They don’t care.  Screw you Harris, Watts and Bloomberg.

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