After I survived the old lady with her cane..

If you have been following along, you read where I got attacked by an old lady with her cane for trying to do my (shitty) job. Well, I quit that pretty fast as a result and had to go work somewhere.  So I went to work for my dad.

Let me describe dad briefly.  When I was younger he scared all the kids in the neighborhood.  He was a pretty buff dude, didn’t talk much and struck an imposing figure. There will be more stories about him later.  He worked at a machine shop where the best I can describe it as they took those huge bundles of pipe that you see on semi trucks all the time and they cut it down to a specific size for customers to very precise measurements.  I had already been working for dad off and on since I was 16.  i worked there during summers to get money to pay for college.  Then during college I worked 2 or 3 nights a week to keep beer money coming in.  So here I am, in need of work and dad says that I can come back with him until I get something else.  “You know how to run those machines for me and I can trust you”, he tells me.  That was actually a compliment, which were few and far between back then, but well earned when you got it.  So at least I felt good about myself for that.

The shop, as we called it, was owned by my dad and 2 of my cousins (who thanks to grandma having 15 kids, some of my cousins were as old or older than my dad!).  They bought it off the cousin’s dad (my uncle), whom they all worked for , when he wanted to retire.  The old man kept the building and they paid him a reasonable rent for it.  Life was good for a while.  The business was successful and they had a good reputation, despite one of the cousins being a complete douchebag.

So back to the story.  Here I am, recent college graduate back at this machine shop.  Things are getting a little tense between dad and one cousin vs the douchy one.  He is making questionable financial decisions and they keep catching him charging personal stuff to the company.  So they hatched a plan to buy him out.  Part of that plan was to install me as the ‘manager’ of the place and to update their computer systems, etc.  And to be less douchy than the other guy.  So we talked about this and started talking to a few banks about financing.

Then a dark day occurred.  My uncle, the one who owned the building and father of the other two owners, died.  To cut thru some of the other stuff, it turns out that the uncle left the building to the douchy son! Well shitballs, that just complicated things a whole bunch.  Now we would have to buy the building too.  As good as things were going I was pretty sure that we couldn’t get enough things going our way to do that as well as buy him out.

Turns out we didn’t even get the chance.  Apparently  the asshole had been in secret talks with one of our competitors to partner with THEM and buy out my dad and uncle.  Once the building dropped into his lap from his dad passing, he then sold THEM the building for a hefty chunk of change.  The competitor than raised the rent by almost double.  Unless we sold to them.  Glossing over all the legal issues and shit that happened here, the short story is dad and one cousin sold the business to the competitor and then were promptly fired.  Douchy cousin got his cut from the sale and was allowed to keep his job for a year.  (They fired his ass 1 day after that agreement expired, so at least there is that) Now I am unemployed AGAIN, as well as my father being unemployed.  And we have a douchy cousin that none of us ever saw again. Damn, 0-2 on jobs after college.  What ever happened to the future being so bright I have to wear shades?

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